Thursday, July 06, 2006

I'm not diverse

I do not like my job. It's not ever been more evident than today. We had a meeting about some employee survey results that "management" felt some responses we gave in the survey were alarming. Well, they really were. People are not really happy and of course there's a cause and they are going to tackle it, solve it, measure it and report it. Whatever.

A part of the survey discussed diversity within my organization, however, the results that management shared with us today did not include any discussion about the diversity questions or the results. I kind of wondered about that and at my table during "small group discussion" (which of course is supposed to engage us all in stilted dialogue) one of my friends pointed this out. My friend is African-American and wheel-chair bound from an allergic reaction to a polio vaccination. He's really great and I enjoy his encouragement and he knows how to mix a CD like nobody else.

My friend brought this to the management's attention and stated that the results we were given left out the portion about diversity. The response from management was a joke. He (the main man) stood up and said that it didn't directly pertain to our part of the organization so he left it out.

My friend said very eloquently: "I'm diverse and part of this organization and I'd like to see them." This was met with the white, male, overpaid top level manager saying "I'm diverse too and part of this organization."

Whatever. First of all when my friend enters a room, there's no questioning his diversity - he way overqualifies. Secondly, this manager is white, male and priveledged. He is gay, but walking into a room NOBODY knows that.

This is why I'm quitting my job. Do I really need any other reason?


Anonymous said...

no other reason needed then what is in your heart! Know that we love you and support you and will even feed you if need! :)

Red Letter girl said...

Thanks for the support. It means EVERYTHING-especially when I show up on your door step with my cat. :)

lori said...

i'm sorry your jobs sucks. i know something will work out for you.

(are you seriously quitting, for real?)

Anonymous said...

Our couch is your couch - we can pitch a tent on our porch - you know you love the outdoors! :)

Katie said...

How disheartening for our co-worker and everyone else in that meeting. If management keeps that attitutde, I'm sure you will not be the only one leaving....

TheologyMom said...

You can always join the Biggest Loser Club at our rules!

twitty one said...

You know you've always got digs here at the old Hokey House. The most comfortable matress in the house, and all I ask in exchange is 24 hour babysitting so I can go to the Casino, LOL! But seriously, you won't die if you quit, in fact, you might just find what you are looking for. FT just opened a loan officer position at Overlake, tons of incentive!

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