Sunday, July 29, 2007

I love my church

There is a lot of talk going on about how we need to do church better and how we need to do this or that, etc. to "reach" people for Christ. But one thing I know is that no matter what mood I come to church in or how much I don't want to be there or I don't want to see some people-I look around at the others that I am in the midst of and know they love me and accept me where I am. That is a God-send to me. Just the constant of that thought. Regardless of how I feel or what I've been through that week. That is a nice place to be and I think we "do" church just fine.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hierarchy of Birds

Here are some of the birds that have been at my feeder at work. Actually, the Robin does not make it to the feeder, he stays on the ground. They make the day go by faster - and the twins (deer) are growing - they still have their spots but today they play fought with each other as if they had horns, it was very cute and makes me think they are males. I'm such a naturalist...

Sunday, July 22, 2007

What else can I do?

My friend is dying of cancer. She is wife of Charlie and mother to Peter, a 12 year old boy with Downs Syndrome. I blogged about her a few months ago when she first found out she had cancer - it was in the throat area - and was dealing with decisions regarding chemo and radiation. We prayed for her and she was doing really well - and I felt like the Lord had heard our prayers.

Now, last Friday she found out its in the lungs and inoperable. The doctor's gave her approximately 3 months, 12 weeks, 90 days left. It's not like its quality time either. She will probably have pain and gradually get weaker and weaker.

I was arguing, yelling, pleading, begging God to heal her. I didn't ask Him because I have great faith or even because I think He will...I did it because He's the ONLY ONE who can do anything. I'm out of options at this point and I will admit that this is the main reason I beseeched Him, asked, cried, and finally said I don't want to be a Christian anymore cause I can't reconcile this. If I could trade with her, I would in a NY minute...

I was talking to a wise friend about this and he said "do you think other people have it figured this all works?" I replied with my normal skepticism that most people simply blurt out stupid sayings if only because they don't know any better. So it comes down to what I know to be FACT:(These are MY facts...they do not have to be yours!)

1. God loves my friend more than anything
2. This is NOT God's will for her life
3. God knows, cares, is willing and is able to heal her
4. God does nothing except in response to prayer
5. Her illness is a result of Satan's control of the earth
6. God is more powerful than Satan
7. Our struggle is not against flesh & blood
8. My faith is not strong enough to do this alone
9. I do NOT want my friend to die

That's's all I have and it's what I take to the throne of mercy, grace and the all powerful Jesus - who died for the ugliness of cancer and even now holds us all in his arms - even here on earth. Please Lord, hear our prayers.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Natural Born Skeptic

I am a bit of a skeptic and this permeates every dimension of my life. So the other day I was working out with my trainer who I have only met with once before. I was not sure (skeptic) if I liked her as she was not laughing at my jokes or getting any of my wry wit.

Sunday when we were working out, she asked where I work. This is a natural conversation starter because if you have kids we can talk education and if you've been to church then we can talk about the ministry side of the school. So I was telling her and it was as if the flood gates of her past experience with church opened. She went to a church that will remain nameless with a red-headed pastor and got burned. She was in leadership, her kids went to the school, and she has not been back to any church for 4 years. She didn't tell me what happened but I could tell there was some pain behind it. I told her that was fine and we could still talk theology if she wanted.

We were stretching at the end of the workout and she asked me what the last book (spiritual) I had read. I thought for a minute as I wasn't sure if she was baiting me or if she really wanted to know (skeptic) and I said "Blue Like Jazz" and she got so excited and she said she had read that too. She said she reads Anne Lamott and Rob Bell and I said "so if I said the name Brian McLaren you would know what I was talking about?" She smiled and said "New Kind of Christian."

I love how the Lord brings total strangers together in totally weird ways. I am still a skeptic, but am starting to realize that she may have crossed my path for a reason (and not just to build big muscles!)

P.S. On the highly sarcastic, somewhat evil note: Les Parrott has a new book out on Amazon (granted...I've only been published in Zappos, so) but they spelled his name wrong on Amazon! They still have not fixed it...I love it!

Here it is: New book by: Lew, Ph.D. Parrott

Thursday, July 12, 2007

I am published!

It must be because I spent so much money here in the last six months...but (the only place to buy shoes) asked me to comment on the Chuck Taylor's I bought from them recently and they published it!

Here it is if you want to see:

I sound like a dufus kind of - but it was fun.

**I forgot the best part..they sent me a name your size and someone may get a new pair of Rocket Dogs!**

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Remember Winter?

Driving home today, the temperature gauge in my car said 100 degrees.

Then, I get home and inside my house, it reads 91 degrees.

I think I'll build a fire.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The circle of life...and why it sucks

We have not seen this little baby since before July 4th. The twins are still around but this little guy may be coyote food - I'm going to bring Brent's airsoft gun and go hunting for coyote.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Progressive Reform

I started the quarter this weekend - taking two classes and one has already proven to be pretty interesting. It is Juvenile Deliquency and the first essay discusses the Progressive Era (late 19th to the early 20th century)and one of its contributions was to our current juvenile justice system. The writer is arguing, pretty well, that basically the progressive era "child-saving" movement was a bunch of rich folks disgusted with the "riff raff" of juveniles on the streets and created orphanages, youth homes, and basically our version of half-way houses to clean up the streets. It was the rich dictating to the poor what will happen.

The author also talks about how this era was predicated on excessive idealism and moral absolutism. This has stayed with me ever since reading it. Now, I read a lot of blogs, political, religious, fun, corny, and blogs where people are in love with their own writing whether grammatically correct or not and in my blog reading, I read A LOT of, dare I say shit, regarding moral absolutism and how if we just do this or that things will be better(clean up the "riff raff" if you will).

What seems to be missing in this dialogue is HOW - a strategy, a game-plan, a step-by-step instruction manual for how one goes about creating the change these bloggers speak of. Tell me WHAT YOU ARE DOING to change - do not simply use big words and mouth that change is a good idea and that if we did this than our world would be a better place. I want to know what you are doing to enact change in your own life - that is where it will speak to me; not on some moral platitude. Then you are no better than those sponsoring the Progressive reform.

Here's a great example: I was reading my friends blog, Theology Mom, and she said she was watching Live something or other - and she had practical suggestions for what I CAN DO TODAY to help stop global warming or help protect the environment - these were simple things, something we can all do...but it was more than a statement to make me feel bad that I'm not doing more - it was a "hey why don't you turn off the lights or turn down your thermostat."

Sorry for the rant...I just want to start making change that is meaningful. This is why I love Mosaic - for so many reasons...but it does REAL stuff to enact REAL change and I get to be a part of it monetarily and physically. There is not another coffeehouse that I know of that is 100% donation based, non-profit and gives away 10% of EVERYTHING they take in every month! What a novel concept! I am proud and thankful and now the Mariner's are fighting so I must go watch.

Thanks for listening and Lord, thank you for Mighty Mo...a little coffeehouse that creates change and makes a difference.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

GP 2007

**Update** Phil has an interview in Tukwila! He comes home for it the end of July...I'm so excited! I think I'll drive by and lay hands on the engines.

**Update 2** My arms are sore and I'm upset that I am so weak! I used to be strong...all in all a very frustrating work out and I thought I was going to puke!

That stands for "Great Purge" and it's going well. I took an entire basket load of shoes to Value Village today. That was a big step for me - now I feel like I have to replace them all (j/k)...I won't.

I am cleaning out my storage unit in hopes of using that monthly fee to pay for my gym membership and personal training for a few months. It was so hot there today though, that I could only clean out a few boxes. I amaze myself at what I keep "just in case."

I meet with the personal trainer today and I want to feel sore tomorrow. It's exciting-the last time I had a personal trainer, I lived with my folks rent free and lost about 30 pounds. Times have changed and I certainly can't afford it on a regular basis, but today is free and we'll see how it goes.

Last night was fun - we had a great time blowing up things and trying not to get scorched. Ladybugs were my favorite. We also got a Happy Lamp - it was very cute and different. I will have to remember that for next year. Hope everyone had fun and was safe.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Work out

I have usually liked to work out - going to the gym - lifting weights - etc. Lately, however, as I've grown larger and larger, working out is not on my top ten list of things to do when I get home. That along with two jobs, school, church, Mosaic and sanity, I was not too sure when I would fit it all in. friend from work got me a two month membership to the club she goes to and today we went together to work out. First, the club is a little further than I would like (strike 1) but then I got there and let me say that I love the diversity of downtown Renton (wink!). There were people of all shapes, sizes, nationalities, and ages and they were all working hard. I rode the bike for 35 minutes and then set a personal training appointment. My friend uses a trainer and says it is worth the effort. I will try the one free one and see if it will work. They also have aerobics and did I mention the diversity?

It is so much easier to go with a friend. The time we sat on the bikes flew by and all of a sudden I was done with cardio. I think I will like this - at least for two months.

We're going again tomorrow - and I am shooting for a 45 minute cardio bike ride.

BTW - I love my brother in law and his $??? worth of fireworks - he has an aresonal and I can't wait to light it up on the 4th!

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