Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What a novel idea

In an effort to become more community oriented, and after reading "This Pile", last night I decided to try out the new Common Ground Coffee & Cupcakes located in downtown Renton. I like coffee houses for new ideas, yet this one left a little to be desired..EXCEPT for the cupcakes.

They bake them right there on site and they are really good. They have cute names and the taste is really moist and good.

I got some for my friends' anniversary...but only if they invite me to dinner at some point ;-)

The coffee was so-so; ours is better; and it was so frickin' hot in there yesterday (due to the huge cupcake convection oven) that I couldn't stay for long. It made me long for the cool & oh so hip lair that is Mosaic.

However, the cupcakes...they were very good. My hats off to Hang & Lange Woon for combining cupcakes and coffee - it was delightful!

Sunday, May 27, 2007


I was young when Match Game was on - but remember Charles Nelson Riley. He was always smoking and usually joked about being gay.

He died today of complications from pneumonia.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Binge & Purge

I am trying to clean up the 588 square feet that I own. I need a place for my College Sweatshirts (most recent is Virginia Tech) and my shoes that litter my bedroom floor. I do not think I've seen my bedroom floor in about a year.

In between homework and season 2 of "24", I will start this process. I have a secret storage unit so truthfully, I don't have to toss anything...yet. It's just a matter of moving and adjusting.

Does anyone need a working cash register??

Update: **9:06 am**

I took my first sack of clothes to the purple donation bin - and the shoes I threw in would not go down into the someone may get a free pair of Tommy Hilfiger shoes if they are for more up to the minute updates! I know you're riveted.

Update: **12:15 pm**

Part of my purging problem is that I continue to think that some of the things I'm purging are worth money...and considering my lowly state, maybe I should try to sell them?? ARGH...keep purging...nobody wants your old clothes! (Did I say that outloud?)

Update: **3:06 pm**

I dropped four full bags of clothes into the donation bin. It feels really good to get rid of all that stuff-and I only felt guilty for a little bit - I think I'm over it now.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Long live Barbaro

On to bigger and better things...

I love horse racing. It is so fun to see the athleticism of thoroughbreds. They are a magnificent animal - a true gift from our creator. If you've read Seabiscuit (the book by Laura Hillenbrand) you know that horses live to run - and love to run. If you've ever been to the track you see their ears prick up and they can get fractious when riled and ready to run. It is very exciting. I hope to spend some time at Emerald Downs this summer. It's a cheap date too - free parking and about $4.00 to get into the infield.

The picture above is Barbaro - winner of the 2006 Kentucky Derby and favorite to win the Triple Crown in 2006 before pulling up lame in the Preakness one year ago today. He recently was put down due to his injury.

Today's close finish at the Preakness was reminiscent of the 1938 match with Seabiscuit and War Admiral (famous son of Man'o War) with gangly Seabiscuit winning by a nose.

The race they say isn't to the swift. But it is always to the swift and the game. It so happened that Seabiscuit had these two qualities in abundance. War Admiral could match neither flying feet nor fighting heart. Man'o War's brilliant son hung on with all he had until it came to the big showdown--to the point when the hard-way thoroughbred , the horse from the wrong side of the track, began really to run. -Journalist Grantland Rice - Baltimore Sun - 1938.

I will end with a little quiz -

____________ won the Kentucky Derby in 2007
a) Barbaro b) Hard Spun c) Scat Daddy d) Street Sense

____________ won the Kentucky Derby in 2006
a) Lawyer Ron b) Jazil c) Barbaro d) Brother Derek

____________ won the Preakness Stakes today
a) Hard Spun b)King of the Roxy c) Curlin d) Street Sense

____________ was the last Triple Crown Winner in 1978?
a) Affirmed b) Secretariat c) War Emblem d) Funny Cide

Good luck on the quiz and no cheating - there may be a prize!!

Friday, May 18, 2007

One check away

Today I was involved in an incident between me and someone on the phone. As the conversation was evolving, and going downhill quickly, I realized that what this woman was telling me (or what I heard) was basically "you're poor and one check away from chaos and we don't want your business." She did not say that - but that is how I felt and what I have told myself continously since the conversation.

You know...she was right.

No matter what facade I may put on, no matter what car I drive, what clothes I wear, what shoes I have (and they are cute), or if I own my own home. I am poor.

I am poor in that I live above my means and I am LESS THAN one paycheck away from utter chaos. I am not talking of poverty - like some people know - because, yes, I have a family that can help me and friends I can count on, but truthfully, I do not have it all together and I try so hard-so hard to make sure people think I have it together. I screw up with my money so often and do not use it right and spend too much and always want people to think that I'm o.k.

I am a Pharisee in sack clothe and ash. Father, forgive me, Sister forgive me...I want to use my money for good. Today was a reminder that I do not and I have a lot to learn!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Toby's Back...and so am I

I couldn't stay away - regardless if anyone reads...thanks for the kind comments too, by the way.

Here's a video from the Dove Music Awards with Toby, Kirk (who reps V.T.!) and company.

I am definitely going to be in the black section of Heaven.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Tired of writing

I finished a paper today and went to turn it in only to find an email from the professor giving us until Wednesday to complete it. This makes me so mad as I adjusted my whole weekend to make this happen.

I'm also tired of blogging. Maybe it's writing I'm tired of. Nobody seems to care or read (based on the huge comments I receive) and if people do not comment, perhaps they are not reading - so I think a break from bloggin' is in order. When it stops being fun for me - maybe it's a good time to quit.

So, goodbye cruel blog world...I'll see if I can stay away.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Faith in Action

"What is the use of preaching the Gospel to men whose whole attention is concentrated upon a mad, desperate struggle to keep themselves alive? You might as well give a tract to a shipwrecked sailor who is battling with the surf, which has drowned his comrades and threatens to drown him. He will not listen to you. Nay, he cannot hear you any more than a man whose head is under water can listen to a sermon. The first thing to do is to get him at least a footing on firm ground, and to give him room to live."

--General William Booth

I am doing a research paper on faith-based social services and one of the best examples has been and continues to be the Salvation Army. I love this quote - it is so Wesleyan in nature and makes so much sense. It also encourages me that what we are doing with Mosaic is something worth doing - even during the tough times or the sssllllooooowww days.

I had the chance to meet with a representative (and friend) of the Salvation Army this week. I was so impressed and amazed at her knowledge and desire to make difference in our world. She introduced me to some other folks and we got to talk about how the church (not ours-ours gets it!, but the collective church) has gotten so far away from the original mission of social service and is now more concerned with buildings and stained glass and how many songs to sing on Sunday morning.

I also think that founder William Booth "got it" - that is the message of the Gospels - that if a man is hungry your "sermon" or "tracts" mean nothing to him! NOTHING!

Thanks for making this journey through papers and school with me...and helping me "get it"!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Boomerang, Toomerang, Soomerang!

The outspoken, cranky schemer who took over the Museum-Go-Round after the Froggs moved; oft known to say "Okay, toots." She is generally the villain when a storyline calls for one, but her neighbors are quick to forgive her because they understand her so well. It is discerned during the series that she has low self-esteem and is extremely self-conscious, and because of this, her neighbors are extremely patient with her until she finally learns her lesson. Despite her own faults, she consistently shows King Friday when he is wrong about something and frequently goes to extremes (such as physically moving her museum or modifying a comet) to do so.

I wonder if this could describe me more?

I watched Mister Roger's Neighborhood (right between Sesame Street & Electric Company) during my entire childhood. It was a great show and Mister Roger's was a wonderful human being.

Click on the Boomerang, Toomerang, Soomerang for a little treat - make sure the volume is up on your computer :-)

See ya toots.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Ellie got a spanking

We were at the Fundraiser banquet tonight for Mosaic and Ellie got a spanking. She was messing around and Holly told her like 12.5 times to stop but she didn' she got spanked. I'm sure it wasn't the first spanking given at the Mo, but it was the funniest.

I have to say that tonight was really fun. My whole family was there and I am so proud of my little sisters. Each of them are there in support of what is being done and they each give in their own way - I am so proud of what they are doing for Jesus and the Kingdom - something I have prayed about continously - that they would feel a part of this place. I felt so blessed as I sat there with some work friends and looked over at my sweet family. All of us together at church - it made me happy!
Don't get me's not about "church" it's about being together and doing something for the KoG!!!! I love it and I want more of it - Holly has great ideas for how to do financial things for the folks that we could turn into classes in the Den and Hillary serves behind the counter and has some really mad foaming skills. All of us working together makes me cry! I'm hoping that when Phil comes home, he may put an apron on and make a smoothie or two!

Thanks Lord, for bringing my family there and letting us work together for you!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

My name is Heidi and I'm a shoe-aholic

I have a shoe fetish. For some reason...I can't explain it but is the most visited website on my computer. Not school, church, Mosaic, but zappos! C'mon!

I need help - this is my cry...I just bought another pair.
I am not poking fun at folks with real addictions - but this just may be one. I will not confess how many pairs I've purchased in the last two weeks...get back to the homework sister!

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