Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ice cream aisle

There is a lockbox on my door now.

I will post MLS listing on Tuesday. My house looks great and my faithful brother-in-law helped put the finishing touches on the place.

Thank you kid sister for making today bearable. It sucked - except for the Olive Garden and the pedicure. Thanks Hill.

Please, pray for a quick sale. I know it's selfish, but I absolutely believe in miracles and I need one here.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

House update...

Today I spent back and forth from home to storage unit. Slowly but surely it's getting done. I realize that I'm worn out after about two trips up/down the stairs and it doesn't help that it's 87 degrees!

Tomorrow will work on the bedroom - take my cat to my parent's house and figure out what to do with this white dresser I have...I want to throw it in the trash...which I may end up doing.

My wise friend Adair told me that when my space is cleaner and more organized, I'll feel better. I think she's right, but getting there is part of the problem.

Right now, I'm watching Mary Carillo eating her way through China. I have stories of that! She's at the hot pot restaurant where I tried **many** interesting things. I miss China.'s my favorite...Beach Volleyball!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Today is a birthday...I wonder for who?

What a fun weekend. Thanks to my friends and family for providing such a fun week..and weekend. The older I get the longer I like to celebrate. I guess it's that I need to forget that in one more year...I'm really old. It's pretty much over for me after that.

15 years ago today...the most beautiful baby boy was born. His red hair was a big surprise to all of us. My dad was so excited that he locked his keys in the car! We celebrated my 24th birthday in the hospital with a red velvet cake made by a dear friend.

He was (and still is) so incredibly life-changing for me..not so much in what I do..but HOW I do it. It is so important for me that he love Jesus more than anything...and love his family. The blessing in my life today is that he does both of those things, very well. He is kind, loving, friendly to all people, and he loves Jesus. That is the best birthday gift that our loving heavenly father could ever give me. I am so lucky to share this day with him and so thankful to the Lord for him and that he loves me...and wants to hang out with his "silly old aunt."

I love you boy. More than you will ever know!!
Your palla.

Friday, August 01, 2008

A very exciting month ahead

A few highlights of the month of August...

- 8.2.08 The Blue Angels! INTERMITTENT CLOSURES!
- 8.3.08 Working an event at Mo with the kid sis & BFF
- 8.5.08 Duke's & X Files with Diane
- 8.7.08 Dinner with the UW Girls at Spaghetti Factory!
- 8.8.08 The Olympics start
- 8.8.08 First Seahawk Pre-season game at Minnesota
- 8.9.08 Emerald Downs Saturday...come one come all! We'll be upstairs in the suites
- 8.10.08 15 years ago BEST Birthday present of all was born!!!
- 8.14.08 Family Camp...still deciding
- 8.25.08 The first African American in history will accept a major party nomination for president of the United States.
- 8.28.08 The best mom in the world was born 64 years ago

These are only a few highlights of a very busy month. Should be fun!

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