Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Last day in Shanghai

I am sad this will be my last post from this wonderfully vibrant (and hot) city. I will remember this experience, the students, the people, the food, the shopping and of course the heat for years to come!

Today we had Shanghai street dumplings for lunch. They were as authentic as one could get. They fry them over a huge fire in a huge cast iron wok and they are one of the world's best tasting foods! I also had some chicken wings fried over open fire as well. It was about .80 cents for four dumplings.

I will miss this special city and am glad to come home to those I love. I have a final interview on Friday for the RCS job and am praying for a good outcome!

See you all soon! I have prizes for all so you might want to invite me to dinner :-)

Monday, August 28, 2006

If you are squeemish...look away

Sunday night we went for Hot Pot. It's basically like Fondu - there's a big pot in the middle of the table and one side is mild (like Egg Drop soup) and the other is screaming hot...spicy hot. They bring all kinds of meats/veggies that you can drop in to cook then eat.

Here is what passed my lips...
Goose intestine - very chewy - I swallowed it
Seaweed - very stringy and salty
Fish Balls - pretty good I might say
(If you're sick already turn back now)
Pig brain - it was very good the longer I left it in the broth- I ate it from the hot and spicy side to minimize the taste...but it was very squishy.
Sheep female part (v-j) - yes, I put this in my mouth and spit it out after chewing for awhile. I must say the Chinese are a strange people and want to use EVERY part of the poor animal!

Sorry to gross you out but it was part of the whole Shanghai experience!

Happy birthday mom - sorry I missed it but it might be worth it when I get home!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Holy Tripe

Yes, I tried tripe and jellyfish. I also had eel today for lunch. It's very fishy and I would not recommend it. It tastes like anchovies.

Yesterday (Saturday) I went by myself to the Dongzhu Antique market. I got some really cool things - totally worthless I'm sure but they are cool and mom will like them. We also went to the black market - fun and scary! Back rooms that we had to sneak in and out of - very black market like. I got an LV for about $ looks real watch out!

Today we went to an ancient River Town - it's kind of like a Chinese Venice only poorer and way more tourist trap. It was fun but about 45/c or 100 degrees in the shade. I do not think I have ever sweat that much.

Tomorrow (Monday) we go to General Electric for a tour and then on Tuesday, US Bank in Shanghai. I leave on Thursday and do not want to think about it.

Tell Lora that Xi Gua (She-Gwa) means Watermelon in Chinese...and that I did see both Saguaw and Sheegwa and they looked mangi and not nearly as "neat" as on television.

Bye for now! I'll try to write more later...going to Starbucks now as I like to give the locals something to stare at!

Friday, August 25, 2006

So far so good!

So far so good! Have had wonderful experiences!

Last night - Shanghai acrobats - a lot like Cirque du Soliel. They were really impressive. Today went to a museum and Nanjing Road - famous shopping and a lot of neon!

Tonight - dinner with the group and I'll try turtle soup and dumplings. I did go to McDonald's for french fries and Starbucks for Frappucino - they tasted just like home!

Having a wonderful time - tomorrow will go to Antique Market and try to find some Mao revolutionary artifacts.

Having fun - love you all and miss you! Thanks for the luggage was lost for two days so that was not fun...but all is well now!

Monday, August 21, 2006


I leave for the airport in about 3 hours. I am nervous - flying a long way to a foreign country all by myself. I gave myself the "buck up" speech last night and I will be just fine.

The "buck up" speech is a time tested instrument of self confidence and assurance bestowed on the Anderson children at times of need. You can ask my dad about it as he started it and I'm sure he would be happy to give you one.

I will buck up and have the time of my life. I fear, however, that this trip will instill a sense of wanderlust that will have no cure!


Saturday, August 19, 2006

Peach Pie

My mom made me a peach pie tonight. I requested one before I fly away. It was soooo good...she used white peaches.

Thanks mom.

See you soon!

Friday, August 18, 2006

What to do??? Help!

So today I emailed the woman from Rainier Christian Schools and told her what salary I could live with - I knew they could not meet it, so felt pretty safe.

However, she emailed me back and said that I was her top candidate and that if I emailed her when I got back from China, she wants to discuss this with me and thinks she could meet my request.

YIKES! I promissed not to complain on the blog anymore about my job - so I won't tell you how bad today was - or that none of my managers said "have a good trip" and in fact one said "see you Monday" and I said "ok"!

Maybe it is time to go - maybe it is time to give my talents to a school that may really need it - not that I'm so awesome, but they might think I am and I could use that.

I am open to thoughts, threats, and any ideas you all may have...thanks.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Go Royal

Last night I had dinner with CW & Scot F. It was fun. Lora cried because she wanted to go to China. It was funny!

I was driving into my complex and noticed a lot of furniture near the dumpster. It was clear that someone had moved out and left all their junk by the dumpster for pick up. I noticed what I thought looked like a cash register, which I thought was odd.

I parked my car and went to investigate. I walked over, under cover of darkness, and saw the most beautiful Royal 9150 Cash Management system, complete with keys, cords, and a user manual! I took it and it's now in my house awaiting usage. I've always wanted my own cash register and now I have one! It is sitting on my hearth and I can't wait to try it out. I may donate it to Mosaic...or to my Sunday School kids as they would think it was fun too.

I realize that I am strange for getting excited over a cash register - but it's fun! I may set up my own store - who knows!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Update for those keeping score or who care

I did not get the job at Washington Education Foundation. The guy called me yesterday on my way to another interview and personally told me. I was a bit sad, but perhaps that was not the right place for me.

The other job (Rainier Christian School) sounds really fun, but the pay range was 25-30K. So, can't take that one even though she said I could have it if I wanted it. Not quite the mission work I had in pressing on.

NPR had a segment today regarding online dating. They say "everyone's doing it" so I'm wondering if I should..scary!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Lord, Lord!

Some of the hardest and most poignant words that Jesus gives are the following:
"Why do you call me 'Lord, Lord' but do not do what I say?"
He goes on to correlate those who hear what he says and obey and those that hear what he says, but choose not to obey. We all know the story, one is like a house on the rock (the wise man built his house upon the rock) and the other is like the man who builds on sand (the foolish man built his house upon the sand). We all know that the rain came down and the floods came up, etc. The one who had built his house on the rock stood firm while the foolish man's house/work/life/education/foundation was washed away. (Sorry, I know that song is now stuck in your head)
I find it interesting that Jesus is so incredibly clear as to what will happen if we do not do what he says. Do we believe Jesus?
I was reading another person's blog today that I linked to through my friend Lori's blog and the blogger used this verse above to tell her readers that they must develop good habits of a Chlife. She states that the habits are 1. prayer; 2. study 3. giving to your church and 4. fellowship. She has great scripture (albeit none of it words of Jesus) that backs up all of these healthy habits of a Christian life. I am not criticizing these habits. They are excellent to develop yourself and we should practice them.
Jesus never once says "study your Bible" he says "feed the poor".
Jesus never once says "give money to my church" he says "clothe the naked"
Jesus never once says "hang out together in Christian fellowship" he says "visit the imprisoned"
Granted we are to be in community, give to good causes and study what Jesus was about and how we should live-I am not taking anything away from that. I'm only pointing out that the words of Jesus are hard - we can NOT call him Lord unless we do what HE says. Scary stuff!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Are you ready for some football?

It is that time of year that most football fans have waited six months for. The start of pre-season football. The beauty of pre-season is that there are usually four games (per team) and they do not count for anything! Also, it is the prelude to great things - it means the real season is only a few short weeks away.

I am now watching the Redskins vs. Bengals in Cincinnati. I have been to Cincinnati and it's a great city and I like the Bengals this year.

I'm not saying my whole life schedule changes when football season starts, but it will as there is a game every Sunday and Monday night from tonight until December!

I have an interview on Tuesday with Rainier Christian Schools in Renton. It's literally two miles from my house - it took me about seven minutes to drive there today. They want a Student Accounts Specialist. I fear the pay will be low, but I'm going to interview as I would like to have something lined up when I get back from Shanghai. I leave a week from tomorrow!

I had a great birthday celebration with good friends and my family. Thank you to everyone that shared it with's easier to turn 37 with you all by my side. I love you - and let's watch some FOOTBALL!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The best birthday ever

It was about 7:15 am on August 10, 1993. I was enjoying sleeping in and not having to work at 7-11. Yes, it builds character to work at a 7-11.

My mom rapped on my door and I was rousing and upset that she was disturbing my morning sleep away from lotto sales and 24 oz. tar like coffee that the Rooster had made the night before.
She came in and said the best words I would ever hear..."are you ready to see your birthday present?" I jumped out of bed so fast! Why you may little sister was 9 months pregnant and was in labor in the hospital!

I ran to the bathroom and got ready as fast as I can remember! We took off to the hospital and found Holly and Hokey walking around attached to an IV. It really was happening!

We watched the Flinstones and tried to make Holly laugh. We ate bad cafeteria food and made her throw up. About 2:30, it was time...we all got ready and then in a matter of about 20 minutes, the best birthday present of all time was born. David Brent Hoekman. He was so cute. Holly's first words were "he looks like a turtle" as we all cried and marveled at his beautiful face and red hair.

He had perfect features and from that moment, I knew that my birthday would never be the same and I'm so grateful.

That birthday, my dad locked his keys in his car trying to get to the hospital and I had red velvet cake in the hospital that Kathy McCrory made for me.

It truly will be the best birthday ever and one that I hope I will always remember. Brent, I love you and am proud to share a birthday with you - and I will always, always be your best pal!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Dear Church

This is a little Friday humor - which I need!

On a more serious note, I ran across the above referenced website today at a fellow blog site. (Mom, you just click on the title "Dear Church" and it will take you there :))

She wrote a book for twentysomethings - however, I think it spans to all of us who are discontent with what the empirical church offers us. I am lucky to not be a part of said empire church.

This book should lead to some good discussions as well as her website. Check it out and tell me what you think!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Real Madrid

OK, I'm a soccer geek. I never thought it would happen, but it crept up on me during the World Cup and I've been unable to shake it ever since. It also helps to be related to the cutest 13 year old goalie in the whole world! He has broadened my love for soccer immensely!

My little sister got me Real Madrid tickets for my birthday! So, I'm trying to get my other sister to go with me! If she can't go...I'll need other takers.

The Blue Angels are also here this weekend. They give me goose bumps.

Should be a good weekend!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Paul strikes again

One of my favorite NT authors (CW is rolling her eyes!) has written in Philippians 2 that
"your attitude should be that of Christ Jesus"

I was reading this passage yesterday and realized that I have attitude issues. It's not even close to that of Christ Jesus.

I've been struggling with this since being told at work that I have a bad attitude and my defense to that is trying to put an action on a bad attitude. "Tell me...what does my bad attitude look like" or "give me an example please?"

But...that's a cop out...I know it's there and I know when I bring it out. I do it to some of my very best friends, to my family and even Brent & Ellie. I do not like this part of my personality and ask to be held accountable by who ever would be willing.

We get to choose how we respond to any given situations and I know we've all heard that before, but it really is true. When every other freedom has been taken away, our choice of how to respond still remains. I hope to remember that and broadly apologize to those who I have offended.

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