Friday, June 30, 2006

Meerkat Manor

You must watch this show. It's a great testament to how a community is supposed to live instinctively. I highly recommend it to anyone as it truly is one of the best shows I've seen in a long time.

Long live the Whisker Family!

See Animal Planet for listings.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

One Choice

I was working today when all of a sudden three Seattle Police cars pull up and three officers jump out. They were chasing four teenage kids who had just tagged the side of the Wells Fargo across from my office.

I watched as they caught the kids and pulled them to the ground. These kids are about 13-16 maybe and two of the four looked really scared. I thought about the phone call their parents were about to get. It's a sunny day and their folks are probably working - or maybe not.

I was thinking about my nephew, who I love like my own son, and if I got the call from my sister about something like this. I would be disappointed that one bad choice created a consequence that would now create more issues.

One small choice - one huge consequence. I wonder if it was worth it? The tag is really artistic.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Summer Reading List

The red letter girl does read more than just the Bible....surprise!

I have compiled a Summer reading list that you may enjoy!

Wild Swans - Jung Chang (I'm reading this as required for my trip to Shanghai)
Our Town - Cynthia Carr
Take A Walk; 100 walks through natural places in the Puget Sound region - Sue Miller Hacking
Gall - Pete Gall
My Little Friend - Donna Tartt
Maybe a Miracle - Brian Strause
The Last Song of Dusk - Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi
The Liar's Club - Mary Karr
The Good Pig - the Extradorinary Life of Christopher Hogwood - Sy Montgomery
Fodor's Beijing & Shanghai
Irresistable Revolution - Shane Claiborne

That should keep you all busy for awhile!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

It's Decision Time Again

It's decision time. I'm almost 37 - almost have a Master's degree and I need a new job. The decision will be made shortly and I ask that anyone within the sound of my blog, spend at least 30 seconds on your knees for me.

I am making a decision that could (and hopefully will) change my life. I have decided to follow Jesus and I can't do that in my current position. I'm just trying to make it to China, but feel reassured by the HS that maybe, if I work for him, I could go to China another time.

Crisis is interesting...I invite you to join in with me and thank you for caring enough to do so.

Friday, June 23, 2006

The Power of Canceled Sin

Charles Wesley wrote a few hundred really great hymns. We don't sing them much anymore, but one was swirling around the empty recesses of my mind yesterday.

"He breaks the power of canceled sin
He sets the prisoner free;
His blood can make the foulest clean;
His blood availed for me!"
O for a Thousand Tongues
Canceled sin is one of the evil one's most powerful weapons against a follower of Christ. The constant reminder of what we've done, who we've done it to (or with), and how bad it really was is a tool the EO uses against us whenever he can.
Remember, the sin has been canceled by our asking Jesus for forgiveness...yet it continually presents itself when ever our idle minds happen across the memory. It's been forgiven, forgotten and impossible to see yet still gives us pause and obviously was such an issue in Methodism at Wesley's time that he wrote about it.
Jesus does break the power that canceled sin can have over our lives - if we let him. Maybe we should sing this little tune more often.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I was listening to a book on tape today and the author was talking about how each day is made up of single moments. These moments are opportunities for all of us. Single moments that make up our days. Moments that we have control over and some we do not. The one thing we can always control is our attitude in those moments. I can decide how I will react in the moments that make up my day. It's a simple thought, but one that has incredible potential.

Think about all the moments that make up your day. In line at the grocery store, getting coffee, talking to a co-worker or being with your friends and family are all moments that make up a day, week, month, year and a lifetime. They are all opportunities.

I want to remember that each day is made up of moments and that I can be aware of these moments to make sure that I am being the best sister, daughter, aunt, co-worker, friend and Christian I can be.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Just talked to my Uncle Scott from Dallas. He and my aunt Julie are moving to Pasadena next month. It's an exciting yet nerve wracking time for them. They are so cool and I'm excited to (hopefully) get invited to visit in California.

As I was talking with him and rejoicing in this decision I was also thinking about how hard change is. It's one of those things that is inevitable (like death and taxes) but you're never quite ready for it once it starts. As I get ready to complete my MA in December, I'm reminded of how prevalent change is, even in my studies of organizations and the way they function. How an organization handles change can make or break them-and I think it's the same for us. How we choose to address change and either embrace it, deny it, ignore it or hope that it goes away, says a lot about us. It can be something as small as starting a conversation with a neighbor or something as big as moving from Dallas to Pasadena...each takes courage and a lot of faith.

I'm proud of them and their ministry and know that God will use them in a huge way in this new adventure! I just want to go to Disneyland.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Are you content?

I go into churches and everyone seems to feel so good about themselves.
Everyone calls themselves a Christian nowadays. How dare we call ourselves
Christians? It's only for Jesus to decide whether we are Christian or not. I
don't think he's made a decision in my case and I'm afraid that when he does I
am going to be sent straight to hell. I don't feel I can call myself a
Christian. I can't be satisfied with myself. We all seem to be pretty contented
with ourselves in church and that makes me sick. I think all this contentment
makes Jesus nervous.
Robert Coles - Wittenburg Door

A friend of mine talks about being in the tension of wanting to do what Jesus says to do and yet purposely, still not doing it The desire is strong to act in love, but the flesh is's a tough spot to be in and the only way to get out of this tension is to do what Jesus says to do...whether that's loving someone you don't want to, staying in a job you don't like, giving money you don't want to give or helping out a neighbor or friend when it's not convenient. Thankfully we get to be in the tension - for how long? How long can we be in the tension before we're required to act? For now, I am living in the tension. Purposely knowing what to do, wanting to do it and not doing it...sounds an awful lot like sin.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Getting to know you

I got this from another blogger - it's interesting. If you comment - maybe answer some of these questions. It's fun

1. List three words that describe your faith:
organic, evolving and compelling

2. Describe one belief about which you are very certain and one belief with which you struggle.
One certain belief: Jesus loves me
One belief I struggle with: Jesus loves me?

3. What is your mission in life?
Love Jesus, love my neighbor: purposefully. Maybe feed a few poor people

4. Describe one thing that interferes with you authentically living out your faith.
Me, myself and I - my self-addiction

5. What is your favorite OT story? Why?
When the kids are eaten by a bear for making fun of the prophet Elisha. Why? I don't know...It's sadistic yet funny. I also think they should make a Veggie Tale out of this story.

6. What is your favorite NT story? Why?
It's not a story...It's an action: Matthew 26:46 - Jesus in Gethsemane- hearing the soldiers coming for him he tells his disciples to "rise...Let us go." It's amazing that he goes willingly to be crucified and I love him for that!

7. Describe a meaningful action you took because of your faith.
This is a story that is yet to be written. I usually only take meaningful actions because of self-addiction - not faith.

8. Does your faith differ from that of your parents? If so, how?
No, my parents get it - It just took me awhile to catch up.

9. Who or what was most important in the development of your faith?
Something that is important in my faith journey is the joy of talking out my issues or faith struggles with fellow followers of Christ. My sister is always up for a good theological debate, so are MW & CW and of course my parents. Discussing stuff that is sometimes too scary to bring up in public or that may be theologically weird (i.e. doing what the red letters say do, or what if there's no hell?) probably wouldn't go over too well in Sunday School - so having a group of "safe" people is crucial to my faith journey!

10. Pass this on - it's fun and we get to know one another!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Moving to Woodinville?

Today the City of Woodinville has issued an order that Tent City 4 must leave PRIVATE property owned by the Northshore United Church of Christ. They must leave because they don't have a proper permit. The City of Woodinville has said even if Tent City applied timely for the permit they would be denied.

Good work Woodinville. You all should be proud of yourselves.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Here today - gone tomorrow

I came home tonight from Underground to find a note on my door from the Homeowner's Association. Keep in mind, I pay monthly dues to be part of this association. They are informing me that the tree that is right outside my bedroom window will be cut down tomorrow. This makes me very sad. This tree shelters my bedroom window from unwanted noise, sun, rain and wind. It is a beautiful and tall cedar tree and I will miss it.

It got me thinking about John 15:5 where Jesus is the vine (or trunk) and we are called to be branches.
I am the Vine, you are the branches. When you're joined with me and I with you, the relation initimate and organic, the harvest is sure to be abundant. John 15:5 - The Message

I don't always act strong or protective as the branches on the tree outside my bedroom do. In fact, sometimes I'd rather be cut down than have to protect or shelter someone.

I will miss my tree but continue to focus on how I can be a better branch, even when I want to be cut off.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Love Sucks

Loving people is so hard sometimes. I'm trying because the red letters tell me to and so does my Pastor. It always seems harder on Sundays.

Lord, help me to love others and see them as you do. It's hard and yucky and I don't want to do it, but I will try.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Procrastination Sucks

I finally finished my Spring Quarter. I took a final today that I barely studied for and only knew one question for sure. That's always encouraging. I turned in two papers as well. At least it's over.

I firmly believe that procrastinating is the devil's tool. More so than idle hands or the love of money.

At least now I can read what I want to read for the next three weeks...and not Katzenbach, Rees or another book about organizational management.

I'm reading "Our Town" by Cynthia Carr. It's a pretty good read so far. That's it for now...the kids are coming to spend the night.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Daytime TV

I'm supposed to be writing two papers and studying for a final but am intrigued by the myriad of offerings on Cable during the day. Currently I'm watching a 1980 episode of "The Incredible Hulk"

I'm struck by the simplicity of the acting (maybe it's just bad) and the storylines. In this episode, David Banner (the Hulk) helps a friend, who turns out to be a con-man, out by giving him some lottery proceeds. All goes well until the man picking up the funds, his friend, takes off with all the cash. The hulk wanted to use his part of the money to perform some experiments on why he continuously becomes Lou Ferrigno at very inopportune times. The funny part is that he changes his last name in each episode. This one his name was David Brent. That is my nephew's name.

Maybe I'll switch to World Cup - Germany vs. Costa Rica.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Shanghai Dumplings

About a month ago I applied for a program offered here at the UW for advisors. It was the chance for an all expense paid trip to a Study Abroad location so that we could have first hand experience for what the students may experience while they go on one of these studys.

Well...I won...I am going to Shanghai! The dates are still tentative..but August 21 - September 15th and I get to pick 10 days out of that time frame. It's a student experience so I'll have to read and study exactly what the students are - I belive there are 10 and myself and the faculty advisor.

I'm very excited and honored...I don't have to take vacation's work related! Let's go to PF Chang's to celebrate!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Happy Birthday Hokey

It's my brother-in-laws 35th birthday today. He is awesome and I'll tell you a little story about him.

I met him when he and my sister were dating. He was probably 19 at the time and used to drive a red Ford Fiesta with like 37 Rockford Fosgate 12's in the back so we always knew he was coming down the street. I used to see his car parked in front of our house and did not want to come home cause I knew he was there. I didn't like him. I didn't like him because I didn't know him...and I was jealous that my twit sister had a boyfriend with a cool car and cool hair and I was alone.

One day my family had to move under not so swell circumstances. Hokey (that's what we call him) took the day off and used his company van to help us move. We had such a fun day together and I had never seen him be such a selfless person before and can honestly tell you that to this day he is always willing to help me anytime...with anything. SELFLESSLY...he models Jesus more than I do and I'm ashamed.

He is an awesome dad to Brent & Ellie and he works very hard at his job. He even stops on the side of the road to help old ladies in broken down cars. He is also really good at poker. If he would only like cats he'd be the perfect man.

I often apologize (and remind him) that when he married Holly he got me as a wife too (without benefits ha ha). It just works out that way.

I love him very much and thank Jesus that I know him and that my sister was wise beyond her 18 years to marry him. Thanks Holly and thanks Hokey.
Happy birthday. I love you.


I'm trying to be a red letter girl today and it's hard. Work is weighing heavy on my mind and heart and even 3 Advil doesn't help! Maybe I need something stronger. :-)

I was thinking about the panic that the news media reports regarding this day: 6-6-06. Some US women are refusing to give birth today, some may be trying to give birth today. I think it's a cool day to be born.

Talked to my little sister in Kuwait today. I am thankful for technology that allows us to be virtual sisters...meaning we can communicate instantly. She is doing well and told me about her new cat Louie. (After Vuitton of course). I asked her about some jobs over there.

Sorry for the random thoughts today...I didn't want my other sister to have heart failure so I'll leave out my comments on the new Video game that the creators of the "Left Behind" series are coming out with...maybe I'll comment on it someday. I would worry that the creators of this game may be left behind so they should really study their own game to know who to kill and who to forgive.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Marriage Sunday

Leave it to the Christianists to deem today "Marriage Protection Sunday." Several websites that will never be mentioned on this blog have sent out calls to action to all Churches to provide leadership and to motivate Americans to make their voices heard to fight for traditional marriage...puke! Maybe we should also repeal women's right to vote while we're at it.

Why can't these same people send out a call to feed the impoverished, love the little forgotten kids in foster care, or to speak out against the violence in Uganda? I have never once heard James Dobson ask me to fight against racism in the South or Tony Perkins tell me to mount up a campaign to stop the injustice against the poor in America. I also have never heard Pat Robertson tell me to feed anything, except his coffers. When that day comes, perhaps I'll also hear the final trumpet call.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Unfold Ye Portals Everlasting

Tomorrow is Pentecost Sunday. It's the time when follower's of Christ remember Jesus' ascension and the gift of the Holy Spirit.

I want you to close your eyes and think with me for a second. (You can't close your eyes and read...but give it a try). Think about Jesus ascending into heaven and what that must have been like. Here he is - the culmination of his 33 years on earth and the ushering in of the Kingdom of God - then, he goes home. Home to the songs of a million angels, home to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. Home to his Father.

The entry of Christ into heaven is captured in an amazing song by Charles Francois Gounod, composer of The Redemption.

The anthem features a choir (usually the Mormon Tabernacle) singing Unfold Ye Portals Everlasting and prepare to receive him ascending on high - welcome home the King of Glory for his work on earth is done. He who death overcame. He now enters into his glory, to sit at the right hand of the Father for eternity.

And now imagine when the Father looks into the eyes of Jesus and, holding his face in his hands, says "Well done my good and faithful servant, well done."

Friday, June 02, 2006

It's Friday!

I want to take my friends to pizza tonight...but nobody is online yet (am I the only one awake?)

Just for Friday fun...take a look at this website by David Plotz, the deputy editor of Slate Magazine. He is Jewish and has undertaken the task of blogging the Bible and it's very good.

Enjoy and maybe we'll share some pizza tonight!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Random soccer aunt thoughts

I am a soccer Aunt. Tonight I'm taking my nephew to his goalie camp at a really cool sports complex near our house. It's a really great place all about soccer. There are fields indoor and outdoor and a gathering place for people to share food and drinks and watch soccer. The complex is huge and well thought out and I'm excited to just be there. The pinball is fun too.

I was awed by this community of people all brought together by the love of this game and that they will drive from near and far to congregate here. They are excited to be here and to play and talk about the game! They dress in their gear and even if they're not playing, they look like they should be. (Yes, I was out of place!!)

It got me thinking about a community that comes together for the love of Jesus. I don't know of anyplace that I can go and simply hang out with other followers of Christ and just talk or play or eat together....and we're all there for the love of Jesus. Church serves this purpose somewhat and I certainly look forward to Sunday mornings - but this place is more than a once-a-week place - it's energy and play and eating and community!

I think that a place of community for follower's of Christ is something long overdue. A place where we share a common love of Jesus and learning to love one another. Having coffee would also be welcome!

Starting down a new road at our church that I am excited about and hope that it will offer this "community" it seems we are so desperately seeking. Stay tuned!

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