Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Jesus Camp

Being that it's Halloween, I couldn't think of anything scarier than this movie/movement. Somehow this smacks of Children of the Corn (which I watched on Sunday..so maybe that is why I'm so scared!)

I don't know what about it creeps me out, but I need to clarify that I do believe children can be and should be on fire for Jesus Christ but face paint (camo paint as they are an "army" for the Lord) and speaking in tongues? I'm not sure how I feel about this, but something about it makes my stomach turn.

Read the trailor below and decide for yourself. Spooky!


Friday, October 27, 2006

All Hallow's Eve

I love Halloween and don't care who knows it.

I remember when I was about 4 or 5 and we lived in Beaverton. It was Halloween but my folks didn't have enough money for a costume for me. My mom had a friend, I think her name was Fran or Ruth or something and she was a big lady (to me) and very gregarious. She was fun and she had older kids that I used to play with.

Well Fran had a devil costume that she let my mom borrow. So, bless her heart, my mom let me wear this cool little red devil costume. She even got me a pitchfork. It was fun. It had a little, red cape too - at least I think it did. I went all over the neighborhood that year. I went to my man's house (this elderly couple that I used to hang out at their house), Dawn Patrols (my friend who's step dad had Playboys all over the house) and my friend Tanya's house. I'm sure I got a lot of candy but I don't really remember, all I remember was the costume. It was fun.

I'm sure my mom got some grief from people who didn't think the devil was an appropriate costume for me to wear, but she never told me about it. I loved the pitchfork.

I've been all sorts of interesting things for Halloween. My favorite costume that Holly had was Woody Woodpecker. This is still when costumes came in a little square box and were all plastic. The mask made you sweat as it covered all breathing outlets. I was a hobo and wore my dad's clothes (not sure what that means about his clothes) and a witch one year.

Any other memorable Halloween costumes?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

December 7

This is the day when Hillary and Phil come home for the holidays! I know it was a bit random...but oh well.

I talked to Hillary yesterday and she wants to stay home! I know...it's very exciting. She is going to try to get into BCC Nursing program and so we need to be praying that this will happen for her. I told her that I need her to be home because I need someone to go to the movies with me on a random Friday night.

So, that's the big surprise! We have planned a few fun things and hope to plan more - they are excited to come home and meet all the new people from church too.

Only 43 days left now.

I registered for my first class in my PhD program today. I'm scared spitless as it starts January 8th. YIKES!

I also ordered a new fake Christmas tree with lights already on it. It was cheap and I don't like to mess with buying a tree every year. My friend Geri gave me her old one, but my cat climbed in it last year and about 13 branches fell off. That's what I've done with my life so far today...pretty exciting!

I also got John Grisham's new book and it's really really good! Too bad I have to work otherwise I'd not be able to put it down!

Monday, October 23, 2006

44 days

Only 44 days until December 7th.

If you know what is happening on December 7th - make sure you comment - if you don't know...guess...I'll tell you tomorrow.

But, be sure you pray for this day - it could be the start of something great!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Cats are dumb

My cat is dumb. I got her a cat nip fish from a craft show I went to the other day. She loved it...she pounced on it and would try to bat it around with her paws. Then, she took it and hid it somewhere and now I can't find it for the life of me. I'm sure she has a secret stash somewhere in my home and someday (when I clean or move) I'll find all these little treasures she's stored up for herself. I keep telling her not to store up for herself treasures on earth - but she's a prosperity cat - nothing I say will ever seem to change her mind.

Don't get me wrong. I think dogs are equally dumb...but happen to have witnessed first hand idiocy from my cat!

We're having potluck here at work. My friend Katie would call it "hot dish" because she is from Minnesota...whom the Seahawks happen to play this weekend!

Brent has a soccer game and Ellie has a gym meet tomorrow. I also have a paper due! Fun times all around!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Jesus & the poor

This was started on a different date and just posted (read October 16th) - so read the new post below Lori's poem...sorry, still trying to figure out how the blog works :S

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ode to Heidi - from my friend Lori

I was tired of all the theological blogging going on and asked my friend Lori to write a poem - she did and I'd like to share it with you...she's pretty clever...and funny and I told her she needs to write a book of poetry.

Ode to Heidi

I know a girl
Heidi is her name
I hope she doesn’t think
This poem is lame

I met her back
In the month of May
When I moved to Seattle
I came here to stay

Our first conversation
Was during a hike
Good thing it wasn’t
While riding a bike!

The first thing I noticed
Was the cool way she dressed
Now she gives me tips
So I can dress for success

She used to be rich
Back when she worked at the U.
But she quit that job
Because it made her feel blue

Now she works at a Christian school
And it can be a bore
But it’s close to home
Instead of 20 miles it’s four!

At home she has tevo
This makes me so jealous
She can tape live tv
Which makes leaving no fuss

She likes to watch jeopardy
Which we have common
I love trivia shows
This is my kind of fun!

She has 2 sisters
All their names start with H
Holly is in Renton
Hillary lives in Kuwait!

We hang out on Thursdays
With a group from our church
Heidi sits in her chair
Like a queen on her perch

With Lori on her left
And Kathryn on her right
If we don’t serve her
There could be a fight!

But we like to do it
It’s all in good fun
The real reason though
Is for the slap on the bum!

I need to end this poem
It’s time for my break
I hope Heidi likes it
Even better than cake!

The End

Monday, October 16, 2006

Jesus & the Poor

I could not leave well enough alone. These are just some thoughts on Jesus and the poor which are mostly my dad's thoughts with my embellishments.
These are my own thoughts on all the fruitful blogging that has taken place over the last few days. I know that we have not specifically addressed the poor, except to put it in context of "poverty theology" which I guess is a fancy meaning for "we don't have to subscribe to it." But I feel differently and am beginning to focus on the ways in which the Holy Spirit is revealing actual ways to help in a physical way. These are fun days.

Jesus and the Poor
a. Jesus references the poor 58 times in the NT why? And why, in the one prayer he taught us to pray, did he teach us to pray daily for our bread? Daily does not sound like we should have a stock pile of bread for ourselves when others go hungry.

b. Required commandments are only two: Love the Lord your God and Love one another (your neighbor). We excuse our requirement to love them with material goods and think that loving them means only spiritual love. Or we claim not to know who our neighbor is - so we are unobligated to love them.

We, I believe, are to love them with food, shelter, clothing and compassion.

c. Health & Wealth gospel is an American Gospel twisted to appeal to our fundamental need for bigger and better. Only our country is concerned with having more than you or more than my neighbor. The command is NOT that we have more than our neighbor; its that we LOVE them. Period. We are the only country in the world that has written in our constitution that we actually have a right to happiness. I don't think that God is too concerned with our rights when we sit back and allow atrocities in our own church related to the poor and suffering. How many people in the church pews do you know could use help?

d. Jesus probably was not poor what faith healer do you know that is poor? However, he commanded that we (the church) take care of the poor. We do not do this, instead we seek blessing on our lives, maybe not at the expense of others, but others are suffering. The church has no formal mechanism to help the poor. The early church (see Acts 2:45 & 4:34, 35) knew that Jesus was serious in his command as they had a daily distribution of food the arugment may be that food storage was different then and yes, I agree, however, the command to care for the poor is not different, yet when you need an excuse any one will do.

e. John Wesley (of whom our Nazarene doctrine was founded on) stated that if we have luxuries while our neighbor is suffering we are not saved and will go to hell. Now, this is not the prosperity gospel that sells well in America. We do not want to hear that if we have and others have not, we'll go to hell but I don't think Jesus was kidding when he commanded that we love our neighbor, heal the sick, visit the imprisoned, clothe the naked. This is not something I want to risk regardless of if Moses, Abraham, Joseph, Job were all wealthy. I also don't think Jesus was joking when he said if you do not do this, you do not know me.

f. We require the poor to help themselves, before we will help them. This is not the model Jesus taught. Jesus I will not take the risk of having steak when my neighbor eats tuna for dinner night after night.

Keep in mind, these are my thoughts - through the lense of my own experience and my upbringing. I was brought up to ALWAYS consider those less fortunate than ourselves. As a pastor's kid, I remember times when we had Thanksgiving or Christmas Dinner with people in the church and I had no idea why - I thought everyone had food and family to share with. It was not until I was older did I realize that my folks were feeding these people. I know my sisters remember this and probably felt the same thing. So, we grew up with parents who always gave more of themselves than they probably had - so we had good models!
Today, my dad has potluck at his church every Sunday because probably half the folks that worship there would go home hungry if it were not for Sunday potluck - another eye-opener for me - in my own church!

So read in love - it's posted in love of Jesus and seeking to do his commands and with a commitment to action...the action of a poverty theology.

Next post - Who are the poor?

Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday's are fun

Friday's are so fun. I love it when there's like an hour left of work and you're looking at an entire weekend of football, friends and of course worship.

That's how I feel now and needed to blog about it. It's been a tough blog week for me personally. I may take a break from reading blogs the next few weeks so I don't get even more frustrated. I love Jesus so much and love my friends and family and am so glad we are together in community and can struggle through these things together.

Happy Friday - thank the Lord for today and have fun tonight whatever you do; wherever you are!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

An Innocent Man

John Grisham has written his first non-fiction book called An Innocent Man. It tells the story of a guy in a small town who is accused of murder - and perhaps is innocent. Grisham believes he is innocent and in fact was released from prison and returned to his home town of Ada, OK and then ends up drinking himself to death and dies of psoriasis of the liver.

I want to go and get this book at Costco (now that I'm a member). I like John Grisham and he's a great writer. This book has me thinking about justice and innocence. Those who know me, know that I've had a brush with the law and it really could have gone either way. Only because of God's grace (oh...and my innocence) did it not go down a very bad road. I tend to want to fight for the innocent - those that are victims of their circumstances - people that are in the wrong place at the wrong time or make bad choices.

I also really like the Innocence Projects that have cropped up in different cities around the country. The UW had one that used to post things on the internet and it was fascinating to read the stories. Sad...yet captivating.

That's all I think for now. I want that book so will need to go to Costco.

Monday, October 09, 2006

What are you doing for the Kingdom?

This is a tough question. It is especially tough if you're doing nothing for the Kingdom.

I am not saying that I am doing particulary anything spectacular, but I am asking myself this question and I am volunteering, trying to give my resources and money and above all, I am praying for and supporting those in leadership at my church. I know how hard their job is and how much crap they must take from those in the pews.

I actually get a little tired of people getting themselves in a lather over stuff that is meaningless in the big Kingdom picture. People who seem to carry with them crap from their lives that they refuse to let go - stuff that then seeps ugliness into what Kingdom people are trying hard to do. People that get mad at a children's program for reasons that are ridiculous, people who complain about decor in the sanctuary, people who are negative and sour. Keep in mind, this question posed is for them. They don't volunteer, they don't lead, they don't give...who knows...they may not even pray but the one thing they do really well is complain and vocalize their complaints!

I wonder if there will be a suggestion box in heaven. I also wonder what these people are doing for the Kingdom?

Thursday, October 05, 2006

What's on your I-pod?

I went to the dentist on Tuesday to get 3 cavities filled. It sucked, except that I brought my I-pod with me to listen to in lieu of the drilling. The assistant asked me what was on my I-pod and I told her that was a very personal question. She agreed and said she probably wouldn't want people to know what was on hers.

But, of course, I pondered this for a bit and thought...what the heck...so the call is out - what is the strangest thing on your I-pod, personal MP3 player, in your CD collection or on whatever personal listening device you have?? This could be fun!

I have everything from Casting Crowns to Tupac and I love it. Time for true confessions! Mom, what are you listening to? CW? Scot F? Lori? Kathryn & DJ Juicy? Time to dish - plus it's fun for a Friday!!

P.S. To Amy my blog friend...i retracted my comments cause they were kind of mean - sorry to mess up your blog :-) but Matthew 6:18 really made me wonder at some of your other commenters...

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Come Home

I have been thinking lately of how much I miss Hillary (and Phil too). It's kind of like she's dead - I can't think about her too much or else I will really get sad. For those that do not know my sister - she lives with her firefighter husband in Kuwait City - on the Persian Gulf - in a high rise. They make a lot of money and buy fancy things. We always get really good Christmas presents too...I'm thinking Seahawks this year - but who knows. They have been married almost three (could be four now) years and have spent most of that time away from us in various exotic locales.

She is funnier than me and we can laugh for hours over Gordy B and our made up words. She is 10 years younger than I am too and was such a cute little baby. I remember when Mom told me she was going to be born, of course I bawled because I was so excited. I think I tried to be her mom (she'll agree with that - so will Holly for that matter!) but she was so fun to have around.

I think that they would love what we are doing at church - with Mosaic, Living Room, etc and I just wish they were a part of my life. I need them. I often think of the other young couples in our church that they would love as well. What gives?

I hope they read this and get really homesick and move back. Plus, my other sister wants to move to their neighborhood so I'll be the only one living in the "hood" - oh well.

Hillary, if you ever read this...
come home...come home...ye who are weary come home. Softly and tenderly...Heidi is calling - calling oh sinner - Come home.

I love you.

Dad...you owe me $3.00

I work out in a somewhat rural area - on an old missle field that was used as Army storage in the 40's.

There are several families of deer that live out here as well and right outside my window right now is a mom, dad (with horns!) and a little fawn. They are so cute and seem in good shape. There must be some sweet grass right outside my window that they like.

I heard they hired someone for my position at the UW. I hope they like him!

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