Saturday, March 31, 2007

I'm leaving on a jet plane...

I'm finally coming home. It is time. I realize that for all her faults, there really is no place like the good old USA. I have had such a rich experience and will try to share it, but writing about it really does not do it justice. Experience is the best way to learn about the Asian culture. I have an incredible soft spot for the Chinese. I would even consider being a missionary there if that is what I should do. They are an incredible group of people and are a great model for collective living.

I'm in Seoul today. Talk about a contrast. This is big city done right. Shanghai is huge (18 million) but Seoul is cool. It is clean, well laid out, people are well dressed, traffic seems normal for a city of 10 million and there's a Starbucks on almost every corner. The Koreans really like coffee - so The Coffee Bean, Starbucks, and several smaller European chains are here as well. It's nice to be thousands of miles from home, yet be able to order a coffee frappacino and it tastes just like home!

I met a lot of interesting people, especially the children...they love America and think that it's a dream come true to study in our schools. They also think they will all go to Harvard if they study in America. Oh well, one can dream.

Looking forward to seeing Mosaic in action! See everyone soon!!


Mark said...

Glad you are on your way home - can't wait to catch up and hear all about it. Stay home for a while will ya?

Stevie the Vagabond... said...

Okay...I found you. I am still in Seoul, and quite ready to be in the good ole USA. I agree Seoul is cool, but Busan is cooler! I took the bullet train out on Sunday, and my friend, Mrs. Kim, reserved a great room with a beach view for me. Very kind! I found out she knows Mr. Chao and Mr. Bai...she gave me some info we didn't know about! Very interesting! I will share if you want to know!


Red Letter girl said...

Of course I want to know!! I knew there must be a dark side to them!!

I'm glad you had a great time - thanks for the loan of the room for a few hours. It was nice!

Hope you have a safe trip home...can't wait to hear your news!

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