Sunday, March 18, 2007

There's no place like home

It is nice to be home. I'm exhausted...but glad to be home. If you have a chance to go to Hawaii jump on it and go to Kaua'i. It is awesome...I've been to Oahu before, but the three times I've been to Kaua'i have been awesome and then to have Hill & Phil suprise me there was equally as fun. We had a great time swimming, relaxing, doing our brackets and just being together. H&H and B&E were the only things that would have made it ideal. Someday.

Had dinner with my family today - Phil leaves for Kuwait tomorrow but Hillary is staying home, which is great. I also bought her an EPT today as she has not been "feeling well". It's just in case...but fingers crossed. I bought Holly one when she was trying to find out about Ellie - so I figured, maybe if I can't have kids, I can supply the tests? Who knows.

Honestly, today when I saw Mosaic, I almost called and cancelled my trip. I hate when things happen without me and I feel like I've missed this huge event. I know we all make choices and I'm excited to travel but really feel like I am missing this great thing that God has created. It looks amazing down there...I mean...I was speechless when I saw it this morning. I can't describe it. I am amazed and honored to be a part of this and so excited for what the future holds!


Red said...

Ok several comments:

1. SO GOOD TO HAVE YOU BACK HOME!!!! I just love sitting in church and seeing your face!

2. SO LOVED SITTING IN MOSAIC WITH YOU! I am looking forward to many more times.


4. SO EXCITED TO HAVE YOUR SIS HOME! I am really looking forward to getting to know her again. AND I will even be so thrilled to have her beat me in the baby area if that is the case! At least someone may be sucessful there.

5. YOU HAVE BEEN A HUGE PART OF MOSAIC FROM THE START. I know it is hard to not be there for a few weeks, but know your stamp is all over the place! There are going to be many more times for you there! We know you will be there in spirit.


TheologyMom said...

I second all that "red" said...we will miss you at the opening, but China only comes once in a lifetime. Well, twice for you, but still...just go and have fun! We will all still be here when you get back and the fun/work will really just be beginning at Mosaic....

Red Letter girl said...

You guys make me cry...this is why I'll miss it...I love you and all the dreams and hard work and to finally see it OPEN!

I am so excited! I went to Target and bought a bunch of "decorative" touches - I will leave my mark before I go (or pee everywhere so you know my territory!)

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