Saturday, June 02, 2007

Red Letter Rants - part II

How many times in the past few months have I supposed to have been writing a paper and I choose to blog instead?? Hmmm....

Probably as many times as I've blogged about how much it sucks sometimes to live in community. I think that the "big" churches have it better-you can just go to church, listen, leave and never have to be accountable to anyone at all...but that's not what my reality is at this point; and truthfully as hard as it is, I don't know that I would trade it for anything. Maybe today, but not normally.

It sucks to live in community when people send you stupid emails about stupid things and you end up rolling your eyes at their utter lack of intelligence or grace. Someone I know received an email this week that was so stupid I started swearing at my computer screen when he told me. Instead of uplifting this person or saying "hey I'm praying for you this week..." this email was so incredibly stupid and showed exactly what kind of person this was. I wanted my friend to reply and say "you know, here's a crazy get your shit together first, then you can email me about anything you want...but until then..." My friend has way more grace than that.

And I hurt for my friend...because I KNOW (beyond all doubt) that we all are trying so desperately to live in the midst of what God is doing and to get others to love Jesus or even give a damn about him and then to get shot down by idiots IN HIS NAME is sometimes really shitty. Hell (if there is one) will be full of Christians who do exactly that...drag someone down in the name of Jesus. That my friends, is the unforgivable sin.

Maybe tomorrow's post will be more fun. Maybe I'll also get my paper done.


TheologyMom said...

And you know what' really sad...some people will read this and be more upset that you said "shit" than the fact that Christians love to tear other Christians down...

I think you are right on, I think many of us will be surprised when we get to the "other side"...

holly said...

i have it on high authority that Jesus uses the "s" word. He was a carpenter and did hit his
thumb with the hammer. What do you think he said?

Also, what is the difference between saying "shoot" and "shit"? Other then the cultural taboo that we put on the later. Everyone take a big Quaalude.

Red Letter girl said...

Why am I getting a PhD when my younger sister is way smarter than me? Damn

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