Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Texas Chainsaw...not so much

Tonight at Mosaic...the scary welder mask/chainsaw wielding/pantless/smelly guy came in. And...he was not so scary, kinda smelly, and didn't have a chainsaw. He also put money in the donation box - and I felt ashamed and asked for Jesus to forgive me and remind me again and again that he loves us all and that Mosaic is here for HIM and I am here for HIM.

I say that not just for platitude's or because it sounds also requires a serious look into our mental health system in this country. We do not do a very good job (church or otherwise) of taking care of this people group. That's for another blog (or thesis) on another day. Right now, I have to tell the TCM Guy what time it is...cause he's asking.

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TheologyMom said...

Yeah, I agree...that is until he sat there leaning back in his chair, with his shirt open, unlit cigarette (that he had just finished rolling himself) hanging out of his mouth, sunglasses on, plastic garbage bag on his head...just staring at me for a full 10-15 minutes.

That unnerved me just a little...but he was very polite..:)

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