Friday, May 02, 2008

Dad weighs in

Talked to my dad tonight about Nose Pierce 2008. His initial response was to comply and "grin and bear it" because that is what he did when any sort of controversy or issue was brought up about him or because of him. He said that he did this because he had a family to support and we couldn't very well get up and leave a church as one has to be "called" in order to go to another in our denomination.

He has since thought better. He said I don't need this job...and that I need to look at the primary reason (finances) and now the secondary reason (issue w/teacher & my boss) as a "sign" (not a good word...) that perhaps it is time to look elsewhere. This made a lot of sense as financially, with the re-fi and other issues, I've not been able to make it month to month. So, a job that pays $1000/mo more would enable me to relax and perhaps refinance my home. The nose is secondary.

He also had an issue with how my boss handled the situation. And this could be the "dad" talking but he was very surprised that my boss didn't defend me - that he waffled. Then I started to think, perhaps I didn't give my boss a fair shake in the explaining of what happened. However, what I explained to friends/family is what I HEARD - PERCEIVED him to say. Today, my boss and I had a good conversation and some of the issues of yesterday were resolved and for this I'm thankful. However, his resolution is not what mine is.

I'm still praying about this and praying that the reason I leave (if I choose to) is not because of anger or bitterness. My dad also said "where are they going to find someone like you?? It would be a big mistake for them to get rid of you..."

It's wonderful to be reaffirmed by friends and family - and to be loved by them. This is whose opinion I care about and who I believe know me and love me. I'll leave you with the parting words of my dad "You go for it girl."

Thanks dad...I love you.


Diane said...

What a smart dad you have. Actually, your mom is brilliant, too. Ummm...would they care to adopt just one more daughter? ;)

Anonymous said...

Heed the word of the wise and know that you are loved no matter what not just by the big man but by your whole family including your middle sissy.

TheologyMom said...

I'm going to start calling it "Nose-gate 08"

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