Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My weekend at Granny's

In an attempt to earn some much needed extra money, the kid sister and I are taking care of my 100 year old granny. She is amazing...her legacy and love of her family are something I can only hope to attain. It has been very, very, hard for me to see her decline - not mentally - but physically. She used to make really good pork-chops and make us Christmas cookies every year and shop for all of her 538 grandkids Christmas presents. They were the funniest presents but they were thoughtful and EVERYONE got something. Perhaps I get my gift-giving love from her.

While she is at her home still, she can't do anything for herself. Anything. So, my loving sister and I are going to stay with her. I am going to cook and clean and the kid sister (who has nursing aspirations) is going to do the grotty stuff. This is NOT something I want to do - I want her to be my granny - not someone who is incapable of helping herself. Needless to say, I'm praying for my own heart and that I may exhibit compassion.

Interestingly, I was reading Shane Claiborne's new book Jesus for President and he eloquently has a piece on the elderly. I quote part of it here:

In its worship of all things new and hip, US culture has sacrificed its relationship with the elderly and infirm. And most of the church has done exactly the same, putting older people into nursing homes and retirement centers.

So, I will spend the weekend at my Granny's and remember how very much she loves me - she was there when I was born and probably changed a diaper or two - now I can return the favor.


holly said...

Remember that this is the way that God intended us to take care of our elderly. Any angst that you are feeling is not from God, so rebuke it and take joy in knowing that you are doing the right thing and that your sacrifice of time is appreciated. Not just by Granny but by all of us who love her. Good job kiddo!

Red Letter girl said...

WHY is the middle sister so damn smart?

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