Saturday, July 05, 2008

Quasi review of The Shack

This post started out as a review of The Shack but as I read through passages again and let the words permeate my thoughts it's more of a review of living in community and my thoughts and purposeful attempt to do this - soon.

An outstanding theme that runs through this book is the thought of inter-dependence on one another and total dependence on God, Jesus & the Holy Spirit - each manifesting differently in the book. It is clear that we can't live without relationship. Although at this point in my life, a help-mate or "significant other" has not joined me in this journey, I've been surrounded by an amazing network of family and friends. These folks are my life - can't imagine walking without them, and relationship with them, and I desire the ongoing presence of them in my life. I want to learn, to fail, to cry, to try new stuff, to dream, imagine, screw up, yell, scream, laugh until we fall down, and like the book says "loving is the skin of knowing". What a statement.

To know someone - then to learn to love amazing God concept. An amazing peek at his Kingdom here on earth. Why do I fight this? Why do I fight tooth and nail when his Spirit is calling me into a relational dependence? Oh...I know...control. Control is an ugly beast.

I don't know all I know about this book yet-it will take a BBQ with the BFF and family to really hash it out...I know that I want to see God differently-without "rules" or "conformity" and with all freedom and love.


Magaw said...

Can I read your copy? I almost bought it at Costco today.

Red Letter girl said...

Tiny has it - it's really may want your own copy. I think Dad may even like it. It reminds me a lot of some of his brain imaging stuff we used to do in Eugene.

Tänia said...

Hi Red Letter Girl! I left a comment at Diane's about your last comment on the shack... LOL!

It was this...

Thank you red letter girl for your quote of "It is also always interesting to me that people use Paul's teachings above and beyond the very words of Jesus that give us all freedom when he says "It is NOT what goes into a man that makes him unclean..." The words of Paul pale in comparison to the freedom Jesus offers here."

I have been guilty as charged there...

I found it funny that a while back I said to someone that I was very legalistically minded and a 'by the rules' kinda girl. The very NEXT day, I was switching channels and came across someone that was preaching and this was the exact quote that used...

"The problem was that the PHARISEES were legalistically minded and went by the rules and that was where they clashed with the very teachings of Jesus."

OH MY! God forgive me! You will have to completely retrain my thought life and my heart... I have been like the PHARISEES?

I guess I just wanted to make sure you knew that I appreciated your take on things and your comments.

Have a blessed day!

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