Friday, July 25, 2008

Story Corps

To those who listen to NPR, you know that Story Corps is a conglomeration of people's stories that they are collecting. Then, these voiced vignettes will be stored in the Library of Congress kind of like a time capsule, to be heard for later generations. Story Corps portable recording units have been around Seattle and are routinely making their way around the country.

NPR broadcasts Story Corps usually everyday around 7:30 am and again throughout the day. These stories are from regular people talking about moments in their lives that were meaningful. It is a true testament to the fact that we are all apart of the human race - and we each have our own singular moments that help shape us and make us into the people we are and will be. Today's story was from a 70 year old man who contracted polio at age 8. He remembers being in the hospital for months and coming home with restrictive braces on his legs. My grandpa had polio and I remember his gimpy legs vividly. Anyway, this young boy was dotted on by his mother, who never made him get out of bed or do anything for himself.

One day, his mother went out to lunch with a girlfriend (at the prompting of her husband, the boy's step-father) and the step-father came in and picked up the boy by the scruff of the neck and moved him to the living room - which had been cleared of furniture. The step-father dropped the boy on the ground and said "walk". The boy hated him for doing this and was afraid to get up but was more afraid of his step-father. Anyway, the boy crawled and made it across the room. The step-father said "Good job! You can do this!"

They never told the boy's mother and each week would convince her to leave the house so he could practice with his step-dad. The man telling the story said he loved his step-father for making him work so hard and encouraging him to get up and walk.

These are the kind of stories told - some sad, some very difficult, some happy. They are stories of humanity and lives lived. I encourage anyone to check them out here

What would your story be?


Diane said...

My story? It's not nearly as good as these... The exploding bra story made me laugh. :)

Diane said...

P.S. I totally thought of you on this one:

I think that's something you would do.

You won't go to my chicken slaughter. But you'd do that.

Ok. I'm done wasting time with these stories.

Red Letter girl said...

My favorite one was when the little kid immigrated from Mexico during the time they were changing names to sound more "American". His name got changed from Jose to John and he laughed when his friend Fucando came to school!!

Anonymous said...

I know - but I don't twitter - can you say Blue Angels - they have been doing there fly over practices - so far no wing tipping to anyone -

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