Monday, December 04, 2006

Only three more days

Hillary and Phil come home in three days.
I'm very excited, but as the older and much wiser
sister I've had to come to grips with some realities that I would rather they are:

1. I have expectations that may not be realistic-they are adults and may not want to spend every waking moment with me
2. I have to share them with my other sib and family members. Being the oldest, I've usually been able to weasel my way into Holly and Hillary's lives by mere use of age...this may not be so easy now.
3. Phil likes to eat at strange times. When I call to see "what's going on for dinner" I may be met with "we've already eaten and yes it's 2:00 p.m. (or a.m.!)." I just can't compete with Kuwait time
4. They may not want to come to church...this is the hardest one of all because why would you not? There's plenty to roll your eyes and laugh to me it's worth it!
5. They like my parents best - enough said.
6. No, Hillary will not buy you that Coach purse...

I'm so excited for them to be here and whether or not I deal with my will be so fun to have them here!! Even if it is for a short time.


Hillary said...

Not want to go to church...are you kidding me? I am always your pew buddy!!

Red said...

yeah when you are snickering in that pew, I know it is at my expense....

Red said...

Welcome home Hillary! I can't wait to see what new cute shoes you will have this time!

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