Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The beautiful letdown

The day after...it's all over until next year. I don't even want to look at my tree anymore. All I can think of is the pain of taking it down! 364 days left.

We went to my Granny Welch's house last night. She is 99 years old. I have gone to her house on Christmas as many years as I can remember. Even when we were poor and lived in So. California, we all loaded up the car and came North. It would not have been Christmas without being at Granny's house.

The more time I live on earth and the more time I spend with my mom's family, the more grateful I am that the Lord gave me my mother as my mother. What a gift she is to me! She probably has no idea how much I love her and her life and wish I could emulate. I may seem independent, but it's only because I know she lives so close!

She cries with us when we are sad and gets mad at who we are mad at and her unwavering love of Jesus is what makes me want to seek his love more and more each day.

I am also grateful that her sister (my aunt) was not my mother. God in his wisdom knew this would never work! This was no more evident then when we dropped by there last night. Let's just say I have issues with my loving aunt, that I know I need to let go. She is a godly woman and loves Jesus.

We were all sitting around and someone picked up a book that was on the table and it was a biography of Shaun Alexander. She raved about how wonderful the book was and that one of her grandson's was reading it. Brent, who is always happy to be part of a conversation, said "I'm reading Tiger Woods' biography and it's really good." To this my aunt replies "oh, not as good as this one!"

I was just reminded once again that I LOVE my mother so much and thankful that she was there last night or my Genghis Khan aunt may have been missing a few teeth last night.


magaw said...

Now I'm all veklempt!! Thank-you for your words. You will always be loved and approved of by me. Aunt Bobby has always let her mouth get ahead of her head. I'm used to it after all these years, but I still remember how hurt I was when she was looking at a picture of our house in Alabama, and said "Is this your house? I didn't recognize it. It's so clean."

Red said...

I am waiting for a Wii little story.......How did it go?

Red Letter girl said...

He loved the Wii and I told him the whole story. I think he may be thanking you this Sunday! He jumped up and down and kept saying "yes, yes, yes!" It was great! I told him that you had to get up really early and stand in a long line to get it - so he should be grateful!

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