Thursday, December 14, 2006

Woe is Me....a Holiday tragedy in 3 parts

Tonight was supposed to be fun. It was supposed to be me and my very cute nephew spending the evening at the Seahawks game. This is where our holiday tragedy begins...

Part I
I pick up Brent at 4:00 pm. I thought that we would get to Quest about 5:30 with traffic. We begin our journey. We get to the off ramp on Michigan. It begins to squal...rain so hard all I can do it watch the car in front of me. So, needless to say, I miss my turn off to 1st Avenue and somehow end up on Marginal Way - going toward West Seattle. We turn right and there is a flood across the roadway and a Volvo stuck in the water. Cars are trying to back up and go the other way while SUV's are charging through like rhinos on the Serengeti. We go up the hill toward Bill and KayLynn's house and I try to get on Delridge so I can get back on the West Seattle Bridge and get to the game!! That was a mistake. We could not get from Delridge onto the bridge due to a dip in the road that was full of water.

It is probably about 5:30 at this point. We turn and go up and get to another route to the bridge. Again, there is a huge puddle and I tell Brent "hold my hand...we're going in". We made it and I thought we would be to the game by 6:00 easily. Well, we got off on 99 - North. BIG mistake. It was crawling. It took us about an hour to go two miles to Seneca. Then we get off and all the stop lights in downtown Seattle were out of order. I finally pulled into the Quest field parking lot at 6:45 only to be told that it was "permit parking" only!! The Safeco garage was full and the lot across from Safeco was charging $50.00!!

I apologized to Brent, looked one final time at the $150 in tickets I just ate and said "let's get outta here!" He agreed and we went to Hill & Phil's.

Part II
The Seahawks suck - enough said.

Part III
I get home (finally) after driving for about 4 hours and asking my brother in law to pick up Brent at my house, and he said no. So, happy to finally be home, I get out of my car and a dog had crapped right outside my car door and I stepped smack dab into it. Of course I didn't notice until I got inside my house and tracked it all over my carpet.

It's not all about me - but today I do belive in bad karma, Satan, or whatever "force" there may be against me. Sorry Katie, Lisa and Kyra...I don't think you'll want to come over tomorrow.

The bright side?? I apologized to my nephew for being a bad aunt...he said emphatically "WHATEVER!"


Anonymous said...

I bet Brent will remember the night even more than if you had a non-eventful trip and a game. He will never forget crossing the rivers with his brave cool aunt...

Red said...

PALLA- I do believe you need a vacation. This has not been your month. Maybe we could re-write a the tweleve days of christmas. So far you have covered: 6- men not singing (take 6 concert cancelled) 2- spills on your face 1 - river crossing.... dare you shoot for the rest of the song???

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your bad night and missing the seahawks...but at least you had an adventure with Brent!

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