Monday, May 07, 2007

Boomerang, Toomerang, Soomerang!

The outspoken, cranky schemer who took over the Museum-Go-Round after the Froggs moved; oft known to say "Okay, toots." She is generally the villain when a storyline calls for one, but her neighbors are quick to forgive her because they understand her so well. It is discerned during the series that she has low self-esteem and is extremely self-conscious, and because of this, her neighbors are extremely patient with her until she finally learns her lesson. Despite her own faults, she consistently shows King Friday when he is wrong about something and frequently goes to extremes (such as physically moving her museum or modifying a comet) to do so.

I wonder if this could describe me more?

I watched Mister Roger's Neighborhood (right between Sesame Street & Electric Company) during my entire childhood. It was a great show and Mister Roger's was a wonderful human being.

Click on the Boomerang, Toomerang, Soomerang for a little treat - make sure the volume is up on your computer :-)

See ya toots.


TheologyMom said...

That description is hilarious!! We love you Lady Elaine!

holly said...

Dude, I am are sooooo funny. I love you! Now, no messing with comets, but make sure that you keep King Friday on his toes, he needs it!

magaw said...

Did you get her bio and analysis from her shrink? You have to admit that she was the most interesting and real character in the "land of make-believe".

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