Saturday, May 05, 2007

Ellie got a spanking

We were at the Fundraiser banquet tonight for Mosaic and Ellie got a spanking. She was messing around and Holly told her like 12.5 times to stop but she didn' she got spanked. I'm sure it wasn't the first spanking given at the Mo, but it was the funniest.

I have to say that tonight was really fun. My whole family was there and I am so proud of my little sisters. Each of them are there in support of what is being done and they each give in their own way - I am so proud of what they are doing for Jesus and the Kingdom - something I have prayed about continously - that they would feel a part of this place. I felt so blessed as I sat there with some work friends and looked over at my sweet family. All of us together at church - it made me happy!
Don't get me's not about "church" it's about being together and doing something for the KoG!!!! I love it and I want more of it - Holly has great ideas for how to do financial things for the folks that we could turn into classes in the Den and Hillary serves behind the counter and has some really mad foaming skills. All of us working together makes me cry! I'm hoping that when Phil comes home, he may put an apron on and make a smoothie or two!

Thanks Lord, for bringing my family there and letting us work together for you!


TheologyMom said...

I'm really sorry I missed it...

holly said...

I'd like to go on record stating that I was not the parent who gave the spanking, but I agree that the spanking was deserved.

I love you!

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