Saturday, May 26, 2007

Binge & Purge

I am trying to clean up the 588 square feet that I own. I need a place for my College Sweatshirts (most recent is Virginia Tech) and my shoes that litter my bedroom floor. I do not think I've seen my bedroom floor in about a year.

In between homework and season 2 of "24", I will start this process. I have a secret storage unit so truthfully, I don't have to toss anything...yet. It's just a matter of moving and adjusting.

Does anyone need a working cash register??

Update: **9:06 am**

I took my first sack of clothes to the purple donation bin - and the shoes I threw in would not go down into the someone may get a free pair of Tommy Hilfiger shoes if they are for more up to the minute updates! I know you're riveted.

Update: **12:15 pm**

Part of my purging problem is that I continue to think that some of the things I'm purging are worth money...and considering my lowly state, maybe I should try to sell them?? ARGH...keep purging...nobody wants your old clothes! (Did I say that outloud?)

Update: **3:06 pm**

I dropped four full bags of clothes into the donation bin. It feels really good to get rid of all that stuff-and I only felt guilty for a little bit - I think I'm over it now.


magaw said...

OK - Since your hand-me-downs are my main source of clothes, could you tell me where is the purple bin?

TheologyMom said...

Me too Magaw....

Red Letter girl said...

Hey, both of you zip it. I have bags for each of you...

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