Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Natural Born Skeptic

I am a bit of a skeptic and this permeates every dimension of my life. So the other day I was working out with my trainer who I have only met with once before. I was not sure (skeptic) if I liked her as she was not laughing at my jokes or getting any of my wry wit.

Sunday when we were working out, she asked where I work. This is a natural conversation starter because if you have kids we can talk education and if you've been to church then we can talk about the ministry side of the school. So I was telling her and it was as if the flood gates of her past experience with church opened. She went to a church that will remain nameless with a red-headed pastor and got burned. She was in leadership, her kids went to the school, and she has not been back to any church for 4 years. She didn't tell me what happened but I could tell there was some pain behind it. I told her that was fine and we could still talk theology if she wanted.

We were stretching at the end of the workout and she asked me what the last book (spiritual) I had read. I thought for a minute as I wasn't sure if she was baiting me or if she really wanted to know (skeptic) and I said "Blue Like Jazz" and she got so excited and she said she had read that too. She said she reads Anne Lamott and Rob Bell and I said "so if I said the name Brian McLaren you would know what I was talking about?" She smiled and said "New Kind of Christian."

I love how the Lord brings total strangers together in totally weird ways. I am still a skeptic, but am starting to realize that she may have crossed my path for a reason (and not just to build big muscles!)

P.S. On the highly sarcastic, somewhat evil note: Les Parrott has a new book out on Amazon (granted...I've only been published in Zappos, so) but they spelled his name wrong on Amazon! They still have not fixed it...I love it!

Here it is: New book by: Lew, Ph.D. Parrott

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TheologyMom said...

What a great story (even though I already heard it...) and that is so funny about Les....

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