Sunday, July 08, 2007

Progressive Reform

I started the quarter this weekend - taking two classes and one has already proven to be pretty interesting. It is Juvenile Deliquency and the first essay discusses the Progressive Era (late 19th to the early 20th century)and one of its contributions was to our current juvenile justice system. The writer is arguing, pretty well, that basically the progressive era "child-saving" movement was a bunch of rich folks disgusted with the "riff raff" of juveniles on the streets and created orphanages, youth homes, and basically our version of half-way houses to clean up the streets. It was the rich dictating to the poor what will happen.

The author also talks about how this era was predicated on excessive idealism and moral absolutism. This has stayed with me ever since reading it. Now, I read a lot of blogs, political, religious, fun, corny, and blogs where people are in love with their own writing whether grammatically correct or not and in my blog reading, I read A LOT of, dare I say shit, regarding moral absolutism and how if we just do this or that things will be better(clean up the "riff raff" if you will).

What seems to be missing in this dialogue is HOW - a strategy, a game-plan, a step-by-step instruction manual for how one goes about creating the change these bloggers speak of. Tell me WHAT YOU ARE DOING to change - do not simply use big words and mouth that change is a good idea and that if we did this than our world would be a better place. I want to know what you are doing to enact change in your own life - that is where it will speak to me; not on some moral platitude. Then you are no better than those sponsoring the Progressive reform.

Here's a great example: I was reading my friends blog, Theology Mom, and she said she was watching Live something or other - and she had practical suggestions for what I CAN DO TODAY to help stop global warming or help protect the environment - these were simple things, something we can all do...but it was more than a statement to make me feel bad that I'm not doing more - it was a "hey why don't you turn off the lights or turn down your thermostat."

Sorry for the rant...I just want to start making change that is meaningful. This is why I love Mosaic - for so many reasons...but it does REAL stuff to enact REAL change and I get to be a part of it monetarily and physically. There is not another coffeehouse that I know of that is 100% donation based, non-profit and gives away 10% of EVERYTHING they take in every month! What a novel concept! I am proud and thankful and now the Mariner's are fighting so I must go watch.

Thanks for listening and Lord, thank you for Mighty Mo...a little coffeehouse that creates change and makes a difference.

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