Sunday, July 22, 2007

What else can I do?

My friend is dying of cancer. She is wife of Charlie and mother to Peter, a 12 year old boy with Downs Syndrome. I blogged about her a few months ago when she first found out she had cancer - it was in the throat area - and was dealing with decisions regarding chemo and radiation. We prayed for her and she was doing really well - and I felt like the Lord had heard our prayers.

Now, last Friday she found out its in the lungs and inoperable. The doctor's gave her approximately 3 months, 12 weeks, 90 days left. It's not like its quality time either. She will probably have pain and gradually get weaker and weaker.

I was arguing, yelling, pleading, begging God to heal her. I didn't ask Him because I have great faith or even because I think He will...I did it because He's the ONLY ONE who can do anything. I'm out of options at this point and I will admit that this is the main reason I beseeched Him, asked, cried, and finally said I don't want to be a Christian anymore cause I can't reconcile this. If I could trade with her, I would in a NY minute...

I was talking to a wise friend about this and he said "do you think other people have it figured this all works?" I replied with my normal skepticism that most people simply blurt out stupid sayings if only because they don't know any better. So it comes down to what I know to be FACT:(These are MY facts...they do not have to be yours!)

1. God loves my friend more than anything
2. This is NOT God's will for her life
3. God knows, cares, is willing and is able to heal her
4. God does nothing except in response to prayer
5. Her illness is a result of Satan's control of the earth
6. God is more powerful than Satan
7. Our struggle is not against flesh & blood
8. My faith is not strong enough to do this alone
9. I do NOT want my friend to die

That's's all I have and it's what I take to the throne of mercy, grace and the all powerful Jesus - who died for the ugliness of cancer and even now holds us all in his arms - even here on earth. Please Lord, hear our prayers.

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TheologyMom said...

Amen and Amen...

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