Thursday, July 05, 2007

GP 2007

**Update** Phil has an interview in Tukwila! He comes home for it the end of July...I'm so excited! I think I'll drive by and lay hands on the engines.

**Update 2** My arms are sore and I'm upset that I am so weak! I used to be strong...all in all a very frustrating work out and I thought I was going to puke!

That stands for "Great Purge" and it's going well. I took an entire basket load of shoes to Value Village today. That was a big step for me - now I feel like I have to replace them all (j/k)...I won't.

I am cleaning out my storage unit in hopes of using that monthly fee to pay for my gym membership and personal training for a few months. It was so hot there today though, that I could only clean out a few boxes. I amaze myself at what I keep "just in case."

I meet with the personal trainer today and I want to feel sore tomorrow. It's exciting-the last time I had a personal trainer, I lived with my folks rent free and lost about 30 pounds. Times have changed and I certainly can't afford it on a regular basis, but today is free and we'll see how it goes.

Last night was fun - we had a great time blowing up things and trying not to get scorched. Ladybugs were my favorite. We also got a Happy Lamp - it was very cute and different. I will have to remember that for next year. Hope everyone had fun and was safe.


TheologyMom said...

I have to purge some is so hard to know what to do with everything but I'm feeling the need to purge!

Red Letter girl said...

Maybe we could go to the Goodwill drop off station might make it easier!

I got Lora something cute to wear too - so did Hillary so you will have to purge to make room!!

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