Friday, April 18, 2008

Go and sell everything

So I've tried to explain the change I've seen in the kid sister since we went to the conference last weekend and I'm not doing very well. So, the other day she said that she was selling some "priceless" possessions she had on eBay so she could further help those in need - like buy goats, chickens, kiva loan, etc.

Now, to her, these are possessions that will probably be painful for her to give up. BUT, she's the only one in my circle that has even pondered the idea. So, last night, sitting around the table with some friends, we were talking a lot about what we could sell - and together we decided to find something that to us is a priceless possession and sell it on eBay and either pool our money to fund education or goats for someone or to give individually. What a novel concept.

The idea is to consume less - and where we have over-consumed, to de-clutter, sell and give. It seems so damn simple when I sit here and type it - yet so hard when I go and actually try to do it.

I was up at 4:00 AM this morning asking myself what I have to sell. One suggestion was some shoes - but not really thinking anyone wanted to buy my worn shoes - but who knows? Maybe they would. Then I thought of my football jerseys. I love them and they are in pristine condition - so maybe someone would buy them.

The kid sister is putting ACTION behind words. Words are worthless without action - and I'm not talking the pithy "works" to justify our grace - don't get me wrong. I'm talking about doing the stuff Jesus said to do - rich young ruler or not!

What would you sell?

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Melissa B. said...

What would I sell? Right now... my children.

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