Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Oh be careful

Ok...so I'm addicted to www.naznet.com. It's a discussion board thingee where people in the COTN can come together and spout off, discuss theology, exchange recipes, or pontificate on who they know in the COTN (Church of the Nazarene). As usual, I have people I really like and people who I never want to meet in a dark alley or at General Assembly.

Another great thing about the Internet..you know instantly if you like someone and have never even met them!

Today I was reading another blog in the blogesphere...and sadly she quoted a song that I used to sing as a child. A song that luckily (and through major theological study) I have outgrown. It's sad to me that people still think that God is looking down on them...waiting for them to f*#k up - waiting...to nail them. Friends, folks, dear people, let me just say that I do not believe in a God like that! We are all broken people in need of mercy, grace and a Savior. He is not keeping a list and checking it twice.

I know you'll remember the song...sing it with me...

"Oh be careful little eyes what you see...oh be careful little eyes what you see...for the Father up above is looking down in love...oh be careful little eyes what you see."

Crap I say...pure crap.

Any other childhood songs that spark fear and loathing?


James Diggs said...

lol, I seem to have caught that NAZNET addiction too.



jen said...

Bryan hates that "my God is so BIG" song our kids sing in Sunday school. I actually don't mind it, and think it's theologically sound all the way up to the end when some versions sing, "there's nothing my God cannot do... FOR YOU!"

I happen to like the song as long as that last part is cut off. Damn veggie tales, though - they leave that part on.

I know it's purely semantics, but I just don't want my kids growing up to think God is their personal voo-doo doll who makes things happen for them. Which is how I think this song comes off with that ending.

TheologyMom said...

I wouldn't mind that song TOO much - if we would concentrate on the "Looking down in LOVE" part...we don't seem to think about that part as much as the do's and don't "be careful" part...

"Climb Climb up sunshine Mountain" drives me nuts...don't remember the words to know about the theology...The "Countdown Song" too..don't remember what its called but its annoying.

Red Letter girl said...

10 and 9, 8 and 7, 6 and 5 and 4...call upon the Savior while you may. 3 & 2 coming thru..the clouds in bright array...the Countdown's getting lower everyday!

How did the Naz Netter find me...I'm fired from all my elected positions for sure now!

Brad's Soulmate said...

I found your blog through my husband's blog (Pomoe)and have been enjoying reading through it and have bookmarked it.

We sing "Climb Sunshine Mountain" whenever our 3-year-old is dawdling going upstairs.

Climb, Climb up Sunshine mountain
Heavenly breezes blow.
Climb, Climb up Sunshine mountain
Faces all aglow.
Turn, turn from sin & sadness,
Look to God on high.
Climb, climb up Sunshine mountain,
You and I.

I guess I have a little problem with turning away from sadness. Life is sometimes sad, no matter how well we live in God's plan.

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