Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Home sweet apartment-or sister's spare bedroom.

I've had this sneaking thought in the back of my mind for sometime and did not want to speak it because I didn't want it to be reality - but today it's entered my reality. I've been thinking that the reason I have not cleaned up my clutter within my home is due to the fact that I continued to believe that my re-fi options were limited and I would simply have to move anyway - so what did it matter? I did not care.

Now today, sadly...that's my reality. I was denied a re-fi today-mostly because 2 years ago I assumed I "heard" the Lord asking me to take a chance and take a pay cut and join Rainier Christian Schools. This has been an amazing time for me there. They have started to see that Christian education is available to the undignified and the disenfranchised - I've seen kids from addicted families come, from single mom's working at Wal-Mart, Foster kids going through the system. I know that I've made an impact on how we see these kids and their families and so I think I made the right decision.

Until today. What was I thinking? Taking a $14K pay cut is a serious issue and certainly made itself known to me today. I don't have any more debt than I did while at the UW - but my income went down so severely that it makes a huge difference.

All of this to say - I know a nice condo for sale in! It will be an interesting few months and I am sad. Decisions will be made and choices of further employment or changing or something!

I will continue to de-clutter - maybe now for different reasons! I left work today to try and talk to my dad - I need the "buck up" speech in a big way. Stay tuned.


Diane said...

You HAVE and CONTINUE to make a difference!! I have seen it firsthand. This is a bump in the road (I admit - pretty big bump. A heartbreaking bump) BUT I have faith it will work out according to God's will, and I know you do, too. I am praying for you, my dear friend! Call me if you need to go to Olive Garden. Call me if you need a margarita. (Wait - that would be for ME!) Or, call me if you just need an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on. I HEART YOU!

Melissa B. said...

oh honey. I am so sorry. We went through 2 years (up until about a year ago) of NO income and basically spent all of our savings and racked up some huge debt. Now we are faced with Larry already based out of San Diego but our house here not selling. I feel your pain although I don't share what I just shared to play a comparison game... just to let you know I empathize. And if I was anywhere near you I would kidnap you and take you out for a reprieve!

TheologyMom said...

I'm sorry...I've been "off line" all day - you always have a room at Casa de Woodward! We love you and are praying...

Red Letter girl said...

The RLG barely ever cries...(not) and now I'm bawling. I'm going to bed tonight thankful that I have friends and families that love me. Who could ask for ANYTHING more?

sister #2 said...

We need to have a heart to heart. I love you and want what is best for you.

Anonymous said...

Mark says...I don't have a sister number #2 or number #3 - you are fortunate...I have a brother number 1 - but I have not seen him since 1993...I always wanted a sister.

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