Saturday, September 30, 2006

Dear Diary

Today I went with my mom to our friend Amy's really cool new shop in Edmonds. She "salvages" old junk and creates really cool stuff with it. Click on the "DEAR DIARY" title to go to their home page. They also have classes that would be fun to take together on a Saturday!

While we were there, I noticed a cute little diary for sale. I thought it would be empty...but lo and was not! I have been reading from it today and thought I would share it with you:

Inside front cover:
Rita Wirkman
1823 NE 185th Seattle Wash

KEEP OUT...this means YOU
Rita Wirkman

April 17th 1966 "Dear Diary. Today was my day (dad's) birthday. We went fishing but didn't catch anything. My mom and I made a cake for him"
May 2nd, 1966 "Dear Diary. Today we started 9 more swimming listens"
May 4th, 1966 "Dear Diary. My brother and I had to go swim, so we did"
January 16th 1967 "We renamed our new dog to muffin"
February 19, 1967 "Dear Diary. I'm not doing much of anything except cleaning my room and looking for pictures of animals for reading. I have found five so far."

I hope Rita is having a good life. I wonder where she is and if she still swims with her brother?

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magaw said...

This is exactly why I LOVE antiquing. It connects you with the past, and with people you don't even know, but now you have a "shared" history. I love to think about who owned the things I have, and how did it end up in an antique shop. Probably most of my stuff will end up there, and I like to think that whoever buys it will wonder about me.

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