Thursday, September 21, 2006

He giveth more grace...

Tonight we had food and talk about grace in the Living Room - this is a new concept of coming together to share a meal and some good conversation. I admit I was skeptical at first - as I usually am about everything, but this was really a great time. Friends I hadn't seen in awhile and new ones I'd like to get to know better all came together to share taco salad and really yummy Apple Crisp!

We talked about the concept of grace as we understand it in our Western Evangelical was an excellent conversation and I was intrigued by the intelligence of this group. It's an exciting time and this is an exciting group. I realized sitting there that I could exhibit grace to people even right in that room - I need to practice that. I miss Katie though - I think she and Joe would really like this group.

It feels strange to not work at UW any longer. I turned in my parking pass today and realized I wouldn't be back. I think I could get used to it.

I'm going to the fair tomorrow - I get to take Ellie out of fun! She doesn't know yet - so I'm excited to surprise her!


Lori said...

heidi, i am glad i sat by you tonight. i need someone to make jokes with when the conversation gets a little too intense.
sorry we didn't move 2 blocks from you, but we can still be friends long distance.
better yet we can be SS's long distance.
it will be so cool.

TheologyMom said...

I'm glad you liked tonight. I thought it was fun too. A lot of good conversation.

Does that mean Brent's not coming tomorrow??

Katie said...

I miss you too! It is CRAZY busy today! I will definitely need to keep in mind to exhibit grace the next couple of weeks to get through autumn quarter ;) I can't wait for our dinner date!!

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