Thursday, September 07, 2006

I love football

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love football. I can't really explain it - I do like the men in tight pants, and I suppose I wish I was that athletic - nah it's the pants.

I think part of it too is the memory of watching football on Sunday's with my dad. He would patiently explain plays and tell me what to look for.

His favorite team (and of course my favorite team) was the Oakland Raiders "his boys"- he grew up in Oakland and played QB for Oakland High School. We used to sit on the couch after church and watch Jim Plunkett, Lyle Alzado, Marcus Allen, and Tom Flores run the sidelines. It was great fun. He usually fell asleep and I'm sure I got bored and turned the channel...but the memories linger.

The best games were those when the Raiders played my mom's team, the Seahawks. I hated the Seahawks - only because they were playing "the boys". It was a bitter rivalary.

I still love to watch football with my dad. Thanks for instilling the love of the game!


hollister said...

Dude, no doubt! I love this memory, you should scrapbook it. What I love most is that my boy, Brent, is now playing tackle football. Dad called him the other night wanting to hear all about practice. I love telling Brent how awesome dad was at the game and how he was a talented QB in his high school. I leave out the part where he went on to be a cheerleader at NNC!

Lori said...

i think i'm a raider hater.
or being from kc, i'm suppossed to be...i don't really care so much.
ben says, "people who like the raiders are inherently evil, it's a fact."
i'll let you two discuss that.
okay, i'm assuming it was my sister, Amy, who's blog you wanted to comment on...i have a lot of Amy's in my life, so I just wanted to make sure before i made the formal introduction.

Red Letter girl said...

It was Amy Peach...I wish I had that last's so cute!

Lori said...

okay, she knows who you are now...comment away!

Amy Peach said...

Speaking of football - I just went grocery shopping tonight (after being sick all day). I walked in and someone handed me a raffle ticket. I was in the bread isle and I heard a number called of the intercom. I checked and it was mine. I won 2 tickets to a Falcon's game. Too bad I'll be in KC on October 1st when the game is! Oh well....that made me one step closer to loving football.

I'm glad you enjoyed the post - comment anytime!

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