Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ode to Heidi - from my friend Lori

I was tired of all the theological blogging going on and asked my friend Lori to write a poem - she did and I'd like to share it with you...she's pretty clever...and funny and I told her she needs to write a book of poetry.

Ode to Heidi

I know a girl
Heidi is her name
I hope she doesn’t think
This poem is lame

I met her back
In the month of May
When I moved to Seattle
I came here to stay

Our first conversation
Was during a hike
Good thing it wasn’t
While riding a bike!

The first thing I noticed
Was the cool way she dressed
Now she gives me tips
So I can dress for success

She used to be rich
Back when she worked at the U.
But she quit that job
Because it made her feel blue

Now she works at a Christian school
And it can be a bore
But it’s close to home
Instead of 20 miles it’s four!

At home she has tevo
This makes me so jealous
She can tape live tv
Which makes leaving no fuss

She likes to watch jeopardy
Which we have common
I love trivia shows
This is my kind of fun!

She has 2 sisters
All their names start with H
Holly is in Renton
Hillary lives in Kuwait!

We hang out on Thursdays
With a group from our church
Heidi sits in her chair
Like a queen on her perch

With Lori on her left
And Kathryn on her right
If we don’t serve her
There could be a fight!

But we like to do it
It’s all in good fun
The real reason though
Is for the slap on the bum!

I need to end this poem
It’s time for my break
I hope Heidi likes it
Even better than cake!

The End


Big Red said...

I want a poem!

TheologyMom said...

that was awesome Lori...the best part was in the second stanza when you said you came to Seattle to "Stay"...Good idea Heidi! Down with serious crap!

Red Letter girl said...

TM: I was following your Sponge Bob lead.

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