Monday, October 09, 2006

What are you doing for the Kingdom?

This is a tough question. It is especially tough if you're doing nothing for the Kingdom.

I am not saying that I am doing particulary anything spectacular, but I am asking myself this question and I am volunteering, trying to give my resources and money and above all, I am praying for and supporting those in leadership at my church. I know how hard their job is and how much crap they must take from those in the pews.

I actually get a little tired of people getting themselves in a lather over stuff that is meaningless in the big Kingdom picture. People who seem to carry with them crap from their lives that they refuse to let go - stuff that then seeps ugliness into what Kingdom people are trying hard to do. People that get mad at a children's program for reasons that are ridiculous, people who complain about decor in the sanctuary, people who are negative and sour. Keep in mind, this question posed is for them. They don't volunteer, they don't lead, they don't give...who knows...they may not even pray but the one thing they do really well is complain and vocalize their complaints!

I wonder if there will be a suggestion box in heaven. I also wonder what these people are doing for the Kingdom?

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TheologyMom said...

It is sad to me that crap goes on in churches...that people love to do things to try to destroy pastors and their families. Its so interesting that we can have people sitting in a service, upset over banners, next to couples who know almost nothing about God and receive their first Bible after saying that they had no idea where to buy one. I just hope the newbies never realize there are people next to them upset over such trivial could make them not want to come back. Heck, it could make me not want to come back....

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