Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Jesus Camp

Being that it's Halloween, I couldn't think of anything scarier than this movie/movement. Somehow this smacks of Children of the Corn (which I watched on Sunday..so maybe that is why I'm so scared!)

I don't know what about it creeps me out, but I need to clarify that I do believe children can be and should be on fire for Jesus Christ but face paint (camo paint as they are an "army" for the Lord) and speaking in tongues? I'm not sure how I feel about this, but something about it makes my stomach turn.

Read the trailor below and decide for yourself. Spooky!



TheologyMom said...

Okay, that does look scary...I couldn't figure out how to play a trailer from the movie, but the synopsis alone looks a little scary....

Lisa said...

I saw a story about it on 20/20 or some show like that. It was pretty scary. They interviewed the lady that was in charge and she scared me, at what she had to say about it and all.

Red said...

Wow the power of manipulation is strong! Where is the personal relationship in any of this?

Red said...

Oh - I have a late entry for your last post. David told me last night that he and his two sisters dressed up as members of KISS one halloween. I thought you would enjoy that!

Mark said...

it is camp so is there a time when they shove their mouths full of marshmellows as they chant war slogans and march around for Jesus. What kind of panty raids happen at this camp - any short sheeting or reward for cleanest cabin. Perhaps you get strung up on a cross if the cabin is dirty...just shows kids love to paint their faces and yell...and then later blow up buildings in the name of God - poor God - perhaps he will smite us again..

holly said...

I watched the review of this movie on Ebert & Roper and I was so impressed with what the reviewers had to say. Here's the link: http://tvplex.go.com/buenavista/ebertandroeper/061009.html
This is the scariest movie of this Halloween season, by far!

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