Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Are we different?

"You are different. You are different because now you know that God exists, and [God] alone matters. It is an overwhelming, awesome thought.... You are different in the sense that now all people belong to you and are part of you, and you belong to all people. At the same time, you belong only to God, and you belong to [God] totally. There is a distinction between you and others, and at the same time, there is no distinction at all, but a blending of all into one. The demarcation that exists is a spiritual one, born of what you have lived and what you can never explain."

- Catherine de Hueck Doherty
Soul of My Soul

I really like this quote - on so many levels. I love that God alone matters. Nothing else. He is the reason for existence...not family, friends, bills, jobs, money, nothing...HE is the reason. I also like it for the responsibility it requires. We know God exists and now are among a set-aside or peculiar people to do his work. We belong to all people, not in some weird existential way that we can't explain - but in a way of responsibility. A way that has no excuse other than loving them. Period. Good, bad, ugly.

We are a marked people - I wonder if any of us really understands that or lives that? We know God...our lives should be different. Things no longer matter...where you live, work, eat, sleep or what you own doesn't matter.

Kind of deep for a Tuesday.

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Red said...

Man those "Catherine's" sure are wise!

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