Friday, November 02, 2007

Confessions of a RLG

Confession #1 - I have not been to the gym all week. The last time I set foot into L.A. Fitness was on Saturday. I am sure that I had excellent excuses all week long but I certainly can tell a difference. I will go tomorrow for sure, and then do my best to fall back into a pattern of habitual gym lurking.

Confession #2 - I am currently drinking two coffees: an egg nog latte I got this morning (for free) and a caramel machiatto that my friend Michael brought me on his way to work. They are both tasty and I don't need to eat breakfast now.

Confession #3 - I miss my mom.

Confession #4 - I have to work at Mo tonight and I kind of don't want to. There's a concert (which will be fun) but I don't feel like working hard.

Confession #5 - I still have homework to do.

Confession #6 - I called my little sister last night and quoted one of the greatest bumper stickers of all time and then hung up: "Something Wiccan this way Comes." Classic.

Confession #7 - I am doing homework while I should be working.

Confession #8 - I cancelled my trip to L.A. over the holidays (to go to school) because I needed the money.

Confession #9 - I have some of the best friends and family the world has ever known.

Sorry my confessions are not that scandalous. My life is not that exciting.


TheologyMom said...

If it helps at all, I think I'm going to come by for a little bit tonight. Mark tells me that I would really like this band..So, I might be able to help out if you guys need it.

Red Letter girl said...

That would be fun and it helps to know you'd be there.

pal-less girl said...

i wanted to tell you last night that you looked really good and i can tell the gym is doing a good thing for you, but it was too loud at Mo!

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