Thursday, November 01, 2007

Life is short..

I have always thought it would be fun to explore the city and find new places to go and hang out which basically means eat. Seattle is so full of fun little neighborhoods and each of these holds a plethera of establishments, some good & some not so good, but all open for exploration. I remember once when my friends, Kat & Juicy took me to a little neighborhood restaurant in Magnolia - it was so fun and really good Chicken Fried Steak (why did I capitalize that?).

So, my youngest sister also has this wanderlust and we decided that we would go and explore these city nooks each Saturday. Well, we had good intentions but we have yet to start. I was hoping for this Saturday - maybe go explore West Seattle - California Street. I think the only eating criteria is that we have not ever been there before (and it has to be reasonable, price wise). I'm excited for this adventure and hope that she & I make the time to be together and get out and explore.

Any recommendations from the blogesphere?


Anonymous said...

I want you to put the following on your list....

Madison Park ...great italian


the other sister said...

If you can find a Cuban joint I'll join you.

Mag said...

Greenwood, between 85th and Phinney has some great spots, coffee joints and greasy spoons.

Lori said...

It's been awhile since I commented!! It would be food that would bring me back, of course. Here are the places I miss a lot:

Kabul Afghan Cuisine-45th and Corliss

Bizarro (Italian)- in Wallingford I can't remember what street. It's close to 46th and Stone Way I think...

Both of these are a little pricey but so yummy and so worth it!!

The Burger Place-U-district (maybe you ate here when you worked at the U?) yummy burgers and fries and not too pricey!

TheologyMom said...

Mark would love to do this, but I'm not very adventurous and we go out so infrequently that I'm always afraid if I don't love it, we will have wasted the money...I need to be more fun.

jen zug said...

In West Seattle you HAVE to eat at Easy Street Records, and you HAVE to eat there for breakfast. It's to die for.

jen zug said...

In Columbia City you should eat breakfast at Geraldine's Counter, and lunch or dinner at Tutta Bella.

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