Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ode to the mutha

I have not blogged this weekend due to my a) not having internet access and b) taking care of Lora all weekend. The not having internet access was bad - but the charge of motherhood was even harder!

As most faithful blog readers know, I do not have any children. It is only by the grace of God that I have a great neice and nephew and hopefully will have another nephew (Plaxico Hillhouse) soon. But, the Lord, in his infinite wisdom (discussion for another day) thought that I probably would make a better aunt then mother. He is so wise.

This weekend was really fun. Friday night I took my little pal with me to Hillary's. She kept asking when Phil (Hill's husband) was going to go to his house. It was cute. Then on Saturday morning, she had a coughing fit and threw up some mucus. I'm so glad my sister was there. She was calm and kind and Lora said "I think Heidi hates me" and Hillary said "no, she hates throwup." So true!! This night was spent with Lora's feet in my back for what seemed like all night.

Saturday was spent at Lora's - after a thrilling trip to Target for a new My Little Pony beauty salon and the newest Veggie Tale DVD, we were back at Lora's for some down time. I decided at this point, it would be a good idea to give her some medicine for a different problem...needless to say 45 minutes later she was soaking in a bath getting all the cracks and crevices clean. I got it from both ends this weekend!

Saturday night I asked her where she wanted to stay and she said "At Hillary's with that man." I'm assuming she meant Phil. But, Kat and Juicy were nice enough to come over for dinner and then Kat stayed with me for the night. She held Lora until she fell asleep and put her into her own bed. Lora stayed asleep (yes in her own bed!) until 4:30 am. She kind of fake cried and I went and got her. We slept until time for church. It was great.

I have so much respect for mothers and the shear effort it takes to attend to these little, helpless people. I am such a control freak that I wanted it all right all the time and it just isn't going to happen. Christa, you're an amazing mom. Thanks for giving me a taste and letting me spend the weekend with Lola. It was tiring, frustrating, overwhelming and I really realize that it does take a village!!

Going home...taking a nap!


TheologyMom said...

Thank you...we couldn't have gone without your help....:)

Red Letter girl said...

I mean this with all my heart - ANYTIME.

She is an awesome little person and I love her so much and love being part of her life.

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