Saturday, December 08, 2007


Last night Hillary and I went to my friend Rebecca's house to finish (or start!) our Christmas stamping. It was a fun evening of pizza, ice cream, little red-headed Mallory and stamping! I finally broke down and made 8 different cards and Rebecca helped me get my real Christmas cards ready for assembly. They are really cute.

Rebecca also invited another friend over. This friend is from her church and they are in Stampin' Up together. This is the kind of person who talks...non-stop...all.night.long.

Did I mention that she talked all.night.long. It wasn't the kind of interesting talk was a kind of "all about me" talk that is highly annoying - yet very telling of the kind of insecurities a person has. She wanted to know why I didn't have kids. I didn't really have a good answer and it's been bugging me ever since. My normal answer is "cuz I'm not married..." but that didn't seem to fit this situation. We talked about school and she asked what my MA is in and I told her Organizational Leadership and she laughed and said "so you can organize my closets??" Ha.ha.ha. So not funny (well kinda funny)! This went on all.night.long.

I talked to Hillary about her today as we were all kind of getting annoyed with her-all except Rebecca who was sweet and nice and encouraging and then told me that Stephanie had recently been saved and was really trying to turn her life around. As we were leaving Stephanie said "thanks for including me in your Friday night plans".

She was annoying, talked too much and had way to much hair dye in her eyebrows, but I was reminded that this is EXACTLY the type of person I'm called to love - regardless. And yes...I will include you in our Friday night plans again Stephanie and I will pray for you and your children and boyfriend.

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