Friday, March 07, 2008

Happy Graduation!

My dad teaches at Edmonds Community College in their DSHS Work First program. He teaches Asset Development and his students are all single parents with children. He teaches them that they are an asset and need to take care of themselves, make good choices and begin to develop monetary assets when they get out of the program. The program is in medical billing and administration and most of the girls get jobs in hospitals or doctor's offices. Their starting salaries have been anywhere from $15.00/hour to $20/hour - so quite a step up!

Last night was their graduation for this group of six women. They all have issues and kids and it's so fun to see them celebrate their success on this graduation night. It is also nice to see their families come and support them.

Margaret - homeless mother of two - received the highest grades (4.0) and won the award for perfect attendance! Pray for her as she is living in a shelter and has only a few more days to find a job and get transitioned before her time is up at the shelter.

Tammy - Mother of 5 - various fathers - all kids were there and very well behaved and kind. She lives with her mom (who has no teeth!) and is still looking for a job.

Debby - 47 years old and has adult onset ADHD. Spent the entire 45 minute graduation fixing her graduation cap - pinning and re-pinning the bobby pins.

Noy - single mother of three and heroin addict. She has been clean for a few months and has to have drug tests every three days. She has a job starting next week at Evergreen Hospital!

There was one girl who had to drop out of this cohort. She was kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend and held for several days. She finally was released and is back home recovering. She can re-start the program in the summer time.

There are others - and my dad has a whole new group of students starting next week. This time he has 17 - and one single dad! My dad is truly in his element! He is proud of his students and is probably the only positive male influence in their lives-you can tell they respond to him and his quirks with love. They all hooted and hollered when he got up to speak and you can tell that they learned a lot from him - mostly about self-esteem and that they are their #1 asset!

I was proud to be there and proud of these women for making this step for their kids and themselves.

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Melissa B. said...

Sounds like an amazing program. Really the way to be missional!

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