Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Daily Bread

So most of you know that I work at a Christian School - we charge tuition to attend our school and most people don't even blink an eye about paying 5...6...7...thousand dollars/year to send their kids here. It's a pretty good school, small classes, committed know the drill.

There are some who can't pay. There are some who need their kids to have the stability of the same class, teacher and friends each day because their lives are falling apart at home. There are Isaac's, Helen's, Nai's, Mario's, and a host of others that I get to pray for and love. This is why I'm glad I work here-to minister to these families. Single moms & dads, kids on DSHS, etc.

One family in particular has had their share of troubles this year. Dad is an alcoholic. He has struggled with his addiction for many years and finally sought treatment in a residential facility just this past November. Mom has been the sole bread-winner of the household and Kobe & Caleb continue to come to school everyday...and nobody pays their tuition. I've talked to both mom and dad and asked them to try to come up with a payment plan. I get a lot of promises and hopes, but in the end - no payment. But we all know those boys need our school and its stability. So...we trudge through.

Due to his alcoholism, dad had to undergo double hip-replacement surgery in January. He is 34 years old. They started paying $50.00/month toward their 12,000 bill and today he brought in homemade bread and gave it to me. I was so touched that I almost couldn't hold it together. He used to come in and not ever talk, embarrased by his overwhelming debt. Today, he talked, laughed, donated some time to our upcoming auction and gave me homemade whole wheat bread.

I remember passing judgment on this man for what he was doing to his family. Today, the Lord taught me the power of a loaf of bread and the power of his healing hand on the life of Ken, Katie, Casey and Kory. Thank you for teaching me and may I have eyes to see, ears to hear and mouth to taste homemade bread!


Diane said...

Wow. That sure offers a new prospective, doesn't it? I'm tearing up here all by myself at my desk. (Yeah I know - doesn't take much. Shut up.)

magaw said...

Thanks for making me blubber and bawl first thing in the morning. Do the kids need a lunch ticket? Most of us fail to see the things the Lord wants to teach us on a daily basis. I'm proud of you for having ears, and eyes and a heart for love and compassion.

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