Friday, November 03, 2006

Leavin' Early

I love working for a school district! We get to leave early today as there is no school and our superintendent said to take advantage of the time when you we'll all be out of here by 2:00! It's fun.

Thanksgiving is only two weeks away and I'm excited to celebrate and watch football all day long. We're going to my parents house as my Grandma A. is coming up on the train from Salem. She wants to see my house as well which scares me and makes me want to get new carpet.


Anonymous said...

7hrs till alfredo boats.....yummy!

Mark said...

where are we getting the alfredo boats?

Red Letter girl said...

Alfredo is at Olive Garden, which I know you do not you're going to Scotts - which will be so fun! I need to go there more often...but CW makes perfect pea salad, so really no need to go!

magaw said...

I need CW's pea salad recipe!!
Don't worry about your carpet. Remember G'ma has macular degenerative eyes.

Anonymous said...

new bl -

Anonymous said...

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