Monday, January 29, 2007

Dirty Feet

I was reminded yesterday by a tried and true friend that Jesus washed Judas' feet. It was a simple statement and one that I could joke off by saying "yeah, well I'm not Jesus!" (No eye rolling). But, I've been thinking about that statement since he said it and letting it marinate in my mind.

I'm sure that Jesus looked at Judas not as potential betrayer, sinner, worthless follower, but as friend, love, companion and disciple. Jesus saw through what Judas would do and had done into his heart. Later that same night, Jesus even gives his permission to Judas to "go" and do what he needed to do. Jesus knew what was going to be done and that Judas would be the domino that started the road to Calvary.

I must admit, there are some people in my life whose feet I do not want to wash. But, I am in prayer that my attitude would be made whole, my heart made clean and that I would desire to "wash the feet" of anyone in need.


soft-spoken said...

red letter girl, you always get me thinking. i've been mulling this topic over in my mind for a few days now.

KS has many people that illicit a number of feelings in me. some of those people i would not bat an eye at washing their feet, but others... well it might be more of a challenge not to trip them!

you have touched on a tough subject for me. people who have hurt me in the past are harder for me to love and it has been with quite a struggle this past week to rise above the natural tendencies of this heart of mine.


can't wait to see you! missed the office this past week... i just couldn't watch it without you.

TheologyMom said...

Community is fact, it sucks sometimes. But, we'll make it!

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