Friday, January 12, 2007

Official...I guess

I got my diploma in the mail today. It's nice - I think I'll frame it. I need to find my other diploma and frame that as well. I suppose I find a lot of self-esteem in having these pieces of paper - since I don't have a lot to begin with, it's nice to have some affirmation that perhaps I can stick with something to completion.

I have sat on the couch more this past two days than I can remember. Having two extra days off may seem like a dream, but after awhile, it gets pretty mundane - plus Monday is a holiday! There's only so many epidodes of Law & Order and Judge Judy I can handle before I go stir crazy. There are also only so many blogs I can read before I say to myself "how did I get here?" I do enjoy reading them.

I'm going to a wedding tomorrow. It's someone from work and I'm going with a friend from work. I hope the weather is o.k. I would usually be excited, but for some reason, I don't really want to go. Perhaps I'm afraid the dent I've worked hard to create in my couch these past two days may actually fill up.

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TheologyMom said...

Congrats!! You are so smart! :O

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