Saturday, April 28, 2007

Closest thing to Game Day

The NFL draft is today. For football junkies like myself and others I know...this is the closest thing to NFL Opening Day or even pre-season crap games. My brother-in-law correctly guessed the first two picks and one of my favorite players, Ted Ginn Jr was picked up by Miami as a ninth overall pick.

Seattle traded their first round pick so they will have to wait until Round 2. The funny thing is that Brady Quinn is still up for grabs! Does a lot to the ego. However, in hearing him interviewed, he has a solid head on his shoulders and realizes that this is just part of the game. Good kid.

We've decided that Draft Day 2008 will be a party at the Hillhouses. Phil..we need you man!


holly said...

Go Birdies!

RED said...

I am so ready for that party! Although the many phone calls was fun too! :)

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