Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Red Letter Rants

I have wanted to start a secret blog of red letter rants. Just a place where I can go and rant about things and use the occasional "f" word if I want. There are some blogs that I read (of supposed Christian folks) that are so full of narcissistic s*#t that I can't help but scream out loud - or to a friend who happens to cross my path (Sorry CW). So, I thought it might help to have another blog to rant...but alas, I will hold in my rantings until I just can't take it anymore. I also can't stand bloggers that do not use spell check. It's so easy - PUSH the button!

One of my favorite blogs is "This Pile" and she had some great suggestions recently about purging what you no longer use. I started the purge process - realizing that I have 588 square feet of living space and a storage unit...it's a slow process. Plus, for whatever reason, I assign value to the stupidest things...as if my relationship with the person that gave me the stupid thing will suffer if I throw away their gift.

I think that's called VooDoo.


jen zug said...

Yea! Purge away!

DER said...

poelpe con be so bud abuot the dubmest tihngs!

magaw said...

You better not throw away any of MY gifts, or our relationship will suffer.

TheologyMom said...

You can purge anything I've given you...I'm such a bad gift chooser anyway..:)

midi sis said...

It's really unfair to lead up to a great rant and then leave me hanging. Thanks alot!

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