Thursday, April 12, 2007

Reason #352 why I love Mosaic

Last night I was at Mosaic doing some homework and learning my way around the espresso machine. It was a fun evening and I was so incredibly impressed with my friends who worked with me last night.

They live in the neighborhood (I do not) and a couple came in with a little girl. This couple has lived in Wallingford for the last 7 years and probably would never have set foot in our church, but Mosaic...that's different. My friends talked to them, welcomed them, loved them, made their funky rice milk Chai drinks and engaged them as neighbors and community and I was so proud of them. The little girl is the same age as my friends' child and will go to the same school. It was fun to see them make this connection - the community connection. I think Jesus is proud of my friends.

I don't do this well yet - and I was kind of feeling bad because I don't have kids or live in Wallingford so it was easier for me to make fun of their soy milk mocha or whatever...but watching my friends engage made me realize that this is the reason Mosaic exists. It does not exist for us to bring people to Christ - it exists for us to bring Christ to people. I got to be there and see it happen.

I invite you all to come and to share a cup of coffee, listen to music and have a really amazing French Toast bagel.

Somehow, I think this is how church should be.

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Mark said...

These friends must be amazing people - your are fortunate to know them. Oh how lucky you are. And they are lucky too to know you.

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