Monday, April 09, 2007

Pictures of China & Korea

Here are some of my pictures of my trip to China/Korea. Just an FYI...I am not Chinese, Korean or skinny if you needed help to identify me!

She was playing badmitton and I almost took her home with me!

This is a high school in Ha'ian, Jiangsu province. The kids are lining the halls to look at the Americans - some have never even been to Shanghai (about four hours away) let alone seen a blond/blue-eyed/fat American!:-)

This statement says it all about education in China.

School kids in China - all 5500 kids live in dorms at the school and are in class from 6:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. They are taking over the world on work ethic alone!

This is Linda (our Chinese translator) and myself on the riverboat cruise. She was so cute and tried her best to make a meaningful experience for the Americans!


RED said...

I so would have brought home that little girl! I have just the place for her....

tired mom said...

I want to play badmitton with her, so is soooooo cute. Their work ethic makes me feel like I need to ride the boy even more about his missing homework. Maybe I should sent him to Korea...

Red Letter girl said...

The boy would not last two days in China. But, they would love him so much! They probably have never seen red hair.

He passed his handler's permit though!!

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