Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Last Supper

One of the beauties of jet lag is getting to wake up at 4:09 am, watching tivo'd episodes of CSI from January and blogging. Normally I would go back to sleep but I have been thinking about Thursday - the night of the Last Supper.

In all four Gospels it is recorded that Jesus broke bread and said
"take it; this is my body....this is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many..."

I wonder when exactly did Jesus make the decision that his love of his Father and of all humanity was more important to him than what awaited him the next 24 hours? Was it while he broke the bread and gave it to his most trusted disciples as they argued about who would be the greatest? Was it in Gethsemane? Was this the ultimate struggle during the night of prayer while the disciples fell asleep?

At what point in our lives do we decide that we love Jesus more than our ________ (fill in the blank...children, spouse, parents, job, money, drugs, sex, shopping,) and start to demonstrate (act out!) that love? Meaning...when will we decide that what he says, in the Gospels, is the most important thing in our lives and we will now do everything possible to manifest his Gospel. The decision for me is ongoing-a journey of sorts with many stops and re-starts along the way.

Maybe you have not decided that yet...and maybe that is fine. However, tonight as you remember the gift of the last supper and perhaps even partake of the eucharist, maybe this will be the night of decision for you as well.

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