Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Lord, Lord!

Some of the hardest and most poignant words that Jesus gives are the following:
"Why do you call me 'Lord, Lord' but do not do what I say?"
He goes on to correlate those who hear what he says and obey and those that hear what he says, but choose not to obey. We all know the story, one is like a house on the rock (the wise man built his house upon the rock) and the other is like the man who builds on sand (the foolish man built his house upon the sand). We all know that the rain came down and the floods came up, etc. The one who had built his house on the rock stood firm while the foolish man's house/work/life/education/foundation was washed away. (Sorry, I know that song is now stuck in your head)
I find it interesting that Jesus is so incredibly clear as to what will happen if we do not do what he says. Do we believe Jesus?
I was reading another person's blog today that I linked to through my friend Lori's blog and the blogger used this verse above to tell her readers that they must develop good habits of a Chlife. She states that the habits are 1. prayer; 2. study 3. giving to your church and 4. fellowship. She has great scripture (albeit none of it words of Jesus) that backs up all of these healthy habits of a Christian life. I am not criticizing these habits. They are excellent to develop yourself and we should practice them.
Jesus never once says "study your Bible" he says "feed the poor".
Jesus never once says "give money to my church" he says "clothe the naked"
Jesus never once says "hang out together in Christian fellowship" he says "visit the imprisoned"
Granted we are to be in community, give to good causes and study what Jesus was about and how we should live-I am not taking anything away from that. I'm only pointing out that the words of Jesus are hard - we can NOT call him Lord unless we do what HE says. Scary stuff!


mid sis said...

Who wants to coordinate the vanpool to the prison?

Anonymous said...

Scot F. says....
Please don't visit any chinese prisons - they make you stay...

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